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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
budget infect king_sarthor 12/1/2021
rats BruhYouFarted 11/29/2021
Esper Silver Bullets (Teachings Toolbox) BruhYouFarted 11/29/2021
Azorius Ephemerate Acmen 11/27/2021
VOW - Pauper Plaid Magic 11/23/2021
On Clarence BruhYouFarted 11/16/2021
Crimson Vow Pauper Plaid Magic 11/13/2021
U/R Infinite tappies BruhYouFarted 11/4/2021
Cunning_Survivor.dec BruhYouFarted 11/1/2021
Mono Red Aggro Phoenixster 10/20/2021
BR Madness Aggro BruhYouFarted 10/18/2021
grasping at baubles BruhYouFarted 10/16/2021
Red Jack Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/14/2021
Cheating Death BruhYouFarted 10/11/2021
sliver versão final? Yan 10/9/2021
Goblins Skip Class Anyway... BruhYouFarted 10/8/2021
Graveyard in a trench-coat [Infinite Combo] BruhYouFarted 10/7/2021
izzet library burn stuff light on fire die now perish BruhYouFarted 10/5/2021
Selesnya Convoke BruhYouFarted 10/5/2021
Dimir Dunces BruhYouFarted 9/30/2021
Pestilence is a fun Magic Card BruhYouFarted 9/29/2021
Izzet Eyeballs BruhYouFarted 9/29/2021
8 Kiln BruhYouFarted 9/27/2021
Wall = cool combo BruhYouFarted 9/24/2021
goblin pauper Cat484 8/26/2021
Pauper Affinity rpgmosquera 8/15/2021
sliver_checado Yan 8/9/2021
slivers 2021 Yan 8/6/2021
Cunning_Survivor.dec BruhYouFarted 7/27/2021
Walls Endiez 7/26/2021
Chatterstorm CrazyMaxChile 7/22/2021
MonoBlue Ninja Bully CrazyMaxChile 7/22/2021
Drawing Up a Storm CrazyMaxChile 7/22/2021
Mardu Evoke Reanimator Pauper SinCity MTG 7/20/2021
BW Soul Sister SinCity MTG 7/14/2021
Pauper Briny Enchantments yangerdanger27 7/9/2021
Rakdos Madness Reanimator yangerdanger27 7/9/2021
Squirrel Storm McBradd 7/7/2021
Pauper Chatterstorm funkybravado 6/21/2021
Pauper Treefolks SinCity MTG 6/12/2021
Jund PHD SinCity MTG 6/7/2021
Slivers Pauper Yan 6/5/2021
Naya Midrange 5-0 by milkk SinCity MTG 6/5/2021
Kiln Fiend Sulphrem 5/30/2021
Caw Blade with Faerie Package SinCity MTG 5/30/2021
Caw Blade with Faerie Package SinCity MTG 5/30/2021
Pauper Fractius Yan 5/30/2021
Budget Goblins Flimsyy 5/7/2021
Mono-Green Aggro Gameaholic 4/29/2021
Pauper Pirates Broseidon 4/26/2021

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