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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Pauper Infect Lobster Bisque 9/20/2022
Pauper Slivers Lobster Bisque 9/20/2022
Green Stompy OmegaStar16 9/5/2022
Naya Sliver Lords Yan 8/29/2022
g a c reformado ago end 22 Yan 8/29/2022
adarr Xenomorph11 8/28/2022
8Maw KebbieG 8/15/2022
Gruul Fresno Chesno 8/10/2022
RUG Mongoose daru 8/1/2022
Rat Lapse propjake 7/20/2022
MBC Pauper (no sb) karj 7/20/2022
2x2 UR Faeries by nelsonoliveir4 adjective-object 7/13/2022
Temur+1/+1 counters Pauper UltimateNinja3 7/5/2022
GW Dinos KebbieG 7/2/2022
Turbo Fog GooseCreek 6/23/2022
Turbo Fog GooseCreek 6/23/2022
Turbo Fog GooseCreek 6/23/2022
Pauper Land Destruct propjake 6/20/2022
Kiln Fiend (Pauper) propjake 6/18/2022
Golgari Pauper BIGMANBIGMAN 6/14/2022
Gruul Cascade Emma_Partlow 6/2/2022
Cycling Storm Emma_Partlow 5/29/2022
Cascade Land Destruction SinCity MTG 5/29/2022
Boros Dinosaurs KebbieG 5/29/2022
??? Deck Wins BruhYouFarted 5/29/2022
Creature-less Combo BruhYouFarted 5/18/2022
Mono Black Control SinCity MTG 5/16/2022
g a c Yan 5/8/2022
Cabin in the woods SinCity MTG 5/7/2022
Bogles pizza boy 5/5/2022
Dog Treats BruhYouFarted 5/2/2022
Roastmaster Tokens KebbieG 5/1/2022
You are a Pest KebbieG 5/1/2022
Esper Angel KebbieG 4/30/2022
Dimir Self Mill KebbieG 4/30/2022
Radkos Sacrifice KebbieG 4/30/2022
Gruul Aggro KebbieG 4/30/2022
Madness Tortured Existence SinCity MTG 4/30/2022
Mono Red Burn Hot Poopies 4/28/2022
Jeskai Prowess ChubbsMcBlubbs2.0 4/27/2022
Rakdos Madness Burn SinCity MTG 4/25/2022
Mono-Black Devotion (Control) Emma_Partlow 4/20/2022
Boros Aggro Emma_Partlow 4/20/2022
Dimir Faeries Emma_Partlow 4/20/2022
Burn Baby Burn A Bag of Chips 4/18/2022
The Pauper Cube AWSOMEDUDE090 4/14/2022
Priest Control BruhYouFarted 4/14/2022
Mardu Unearth/Evoke Hybrid BruhYouFarted 4/14/2022
Probably the worst combo deck ever. BruhYouFarted 4/12/2022
The Biggest Brain Combo Deck (Black Mamba MKII) BruhYouFarted 4/11/2022

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