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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Get Blasted def am fwang 9/27/2009
Hastey potatomonkey38 9/27/2009
vampires Rhanjah 9/27/2009
Vampirez!!!1!!!!11!!!!Q!! Fetus Face 9/27/2009
Ob Nixilis FTW Fetus Face 9/27/2009
4CC Revised phantom 9/27/2009
Naya Blood sweetpea 9/27/2009
Mono-Red Haste Bad-Religion13 9/27/2009
A Ride In My Zendikar Barolocton 9/27/2009
Draw then Discard def am fwang 9/27/2009
Turbo Mill thekoreanking 9/27/2009
grixis zombies h3raklin0s 9/27/2009
Milled to Death def am fwang 9/27/2009
Exalted Squire Trenith 9/27/2009
4cc phantom 9/27/2009
RDW blaine1johnson 9/27/2009
Esper Mill brianjf4 9/27/2009
Nissa's Chosen upstatemind 9/27/2009
Parisitic Dreams koalab 9/27/2009
Zap TimmyMcBeaster 9/27/2009
Bye Finks ohwell ponman2003 9/27/2009
Mono black vampire aggro jordman 9/27/2009
Pure Blue Control valron87 9/27/2009
Blightning MonopolyBag 9/27/2009
Luminarch Ascension Onlooker 9/27/2009
5cc blood phantom 9/27/2009
Iona's Allies pet_snake 9/27/2009
Rb aggro metalheaded22 9/27/2009
Black Control GothPunk 9/27/2009
Zendikar Mill Quatroviente 9/27/2009
Jund Landfail-Ramp GothPunk 9/27/2009
Heralds Form Heros def am fwang 9/27/2009
Naya Zoo KelvinXmagic 9/27/2009
The Rock B/G/w KelvinXmagic 9/27/2009
Graveyard Jumpers Belgarath 9/27/2009
G/B/W control jhudspe2 9/27/2009
U/B Luminarch Enchantment GothPunk 9/27/2009
BGW Rock DerFlo 9/27/2009
Mono Red Burn GothPunk 9/27/2009
Red BnB (Beat and Burn) metalheaded22 9/27/2009
R/B vamp mrdylan 9/27/2009
Naya Landfall xwiggidywackx 9/27/2009
Wulf's Reign pet_snake 9/26/2009
Naya Landfall malcolmbw 9/26/2009
Advamptage Aggro Doctoroftime 9/26/2009
R/b Burn kburts 9/26/2009
Luminarch Ascension Yanng 9/26/2009
red/black core values bahtel runeax 9/26/2009
White Life Win ArcRaven 9/26/2009
FogStomp Romros 9/26/2009

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