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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
nicol bolas shibby2247 6/23/2023
Gollum Life Hate Chuckynorris 6/21/2023
Orzhov Death and Taxes MAT Standard SBMTGDev 6/21/2023
Esper Legends ReidDuke 6/20/2023
Selesnya Enchantress ReidDuke 6/20/2023
My Dragonmaids :) OhNoah 6/19/2023
Adds for Durnan Makyou87 6/16/2023
Bilbo, Birthday Celebrant | CQ Early CQ Early Access 6/15/2023
testSideboard eduskd 6/15/2023
Hungry Burger Hungryburgerfan 6/14/2023
Food and Fellowship Kellonor 6/9/2023
Food and Fellowship Kellonor 6/9/2023
Syr with land Dinner Table Magic 6/9/2023
On Loan for Inalla Makyou87 6/8/2023
Lord of the Nazgûl | CQ Cards to Consider The Commander's Quarters 6/7/2023
Mono-White Aggro ReidDuke 6/6/2023
gimbal upgrades Highly Liked 6/6/2023
B Ovis 6/6/2023
6 ImpotentPenguin 6/5/2023
P.U.N.K Gold Pride ImNotEdgy 6/5/2023
Furry Imshea 6/4/2023
Mardu Vampires MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Solar Flare MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Izzet Bombardment MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Atraxa Domain MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
UW Soldiers MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Esper Superfriends MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
GW Enchantments MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Mono Blue Tempo MAT SBMTGDev 6/4/2023
Pauper Cycle Storm Muddle The Mixture 6/4/2023
Shadowfax, Lord of Horses | CQ Cards to Consider The Commander's Quarters 6/1/2023
Flying Socque 6/1/2023
Dimir Mill Oathbreaker Telum 5/31/2023
Arwen, Weaver of Hope | CQ Cards to Consider The Commander's Quarters 5/31/2023
Jund Rebuild the City MAT Standard SBMTGDev 5/31/2023
Dimir Super Control SpoonyPandora 5/31/2023
Pricer Deck Father Time 5/30/2023
Vampire - old deck Wolfheart 5/30/2023
test odoubleto 5/30/2023
Selesnya Enchantments Blackclaw 5/28/2023
Dimir Draw Control SpoonyPandora 5/28/2023
Edgar aasggdag 5/26/2023
d aasggdag 5/26/2023
LUGCHOPS ryguy26 5/25/2023
Selesnya Counter robinchild01 5/24/2023
keldeo Andervin 5/24/2023
Astartes Firebringer4 5/23/2023
child8 zrest 5/19/2023
Ixidron Upside | CQ Early CQ Early Access 5/18/2023
Naya Ramp ReidDuke 5/16/2023

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