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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Eldrazi OhNinjaPlease 9/6/2017
Blue-X1 Alex Villasana 9/4/2017
Vintage Goblins Pure 9/1/2017
Giggles Speedy 8/27/2017
Knights/Swords Sulphrem 8/26/2017
Pili-Pala Sulphrem 8/26/2017
Test Sulphrem 8/26/2017
Test Sulphrem 8/26/2017
serious epic mana ramp SithDragon33 8/25/2017
Onslaught Zombies Nedeku 8/17/2017
myr Cspiderwebb 8/16/2017
Sliver (in prog) Cspiderwebb 8/16/2017
zombies can´t dance wakabayashi 8/12/2017
zombies can´t dance wakabayashi 8/11/2017
MonoGreen Eldrazi casual Jace12345 8/10/2017
Price Check ironocy83 8/4/2017
Price Test DogmaKMR 7/31/2017
Maze End KAMA_the_Bullet 7/28/2017
Construct Tribal Petoskey 7/26/2017
Mono Black 93/94 Gorepaw 7/11/2017
Colorless Deck Guy 7/8/2017
Rebel Jilkouras 7/5/2017
W/G/B Flyers RazorX_83 7/3/2017
B/R/B Humans RazorX_83 7/2/2017
B/R Control RazorX_83 7/1/2017
Blk/W Zombie Tokens WillOwens 6/27/2017
trades Logan LaBoube 6/27/2017
Red, White, and Blue Control WillOwens 6/27/2017
Christmas time keenis707 6/25/2017
Awakening Giopar 6/23/2017
Standard Drake Madness Petoskey 6/21/2017
budget burn KurtMage 6/19/2017
Can't Touch This sEnIoR-dOuChEbAg 6/15/2017
Amass the Machines sEnIoR-dOuChEbAg 6/15/2017
Jace's Mind Numb sEnIoR-dOuChEbAg 6/15/2017
Eldrazi Overrun sEnIoR-dOuChEbAg 6/15/2017
Konda Samurai Jilkouras 6/14/2017
Infinite Turn Combo Ikthys 6/12/2017
Sliver Jilkouras 6/12/2017
Red Black Vampire Bobelak 6/11/2017
93/94 Mono-Black Denni$ Maddox 6/10/2017
Red flames mikehk 6/8/2017
Golgari Counters BaconHawk 6/8/2017
U/B sac zombies mikehk 6/8/2017
Unstopable glacier Jilkouras 6/6/2017
kupobzan adamadam 5/31/2017
Eldrazi swarm Magicnezha 5/31/2017
Black green cemetery Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Infestation upheveal Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Green-white slide Kamahl420 5/28/2017
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