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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Infinite Turn Combo Ikthys 6/12/2017
Sliver Jilkouras 6/12/2017
Red Black Vampire Bobelak 6/11/2017
93/94 Mono-Black Denni$ Maddox 6/10/2017
Red flames mikehk 6/8/2017
Golgari Counters BaconHawk 6/8/2017
U/B sac zombies mikehk 6/8/2017
Unstopable glacier Jilkouras 6/6/2017
kupobzan adamadam 5/31/2017
Eldrazi swarm Magicnezha 5/31/2017
Black green cemetery Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Infestation upheveal Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Green-white slide Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Affinity Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Psychatog Kamahl420 5/28/2017
Reanimator Kamahl420 5/28/2017
mostly colorless eldrazi Deck Guy 5/25/2017
Workshops Jazza 5/25/2017
Shrieking Affliction Discard poynz13 5/23/2017
Squirrel Tribal poynz13 5/23/2017
U/B Faerie Control Kamahl420 5/21/2017
U/B Dragon Control Kamahl420 5/21/2017
Elves Kamahl420 5/21/2017
Needs norwegianwood 5/19/2017
Vintage Spirit Bears BoomBoomStormCloud 5/18/2017
Colorless V2 Deck Guy 5/16/2017
Open the Vaults Ebenezer 5/16/2017
White Deck Guy 5/15/2017
Jeskai Midrange CH NoirCroix 5/12/2017
infect beatdown Deck Guy 5/11/2017
p pauper card list 5/10/2017
Infinite thopters BurkeG 5/10/2017
Scry me a river Olenoname 5/9/2017
93/94 Crusade Denni$ Maddox 5/8/2017
Clerics and tokens Olenoname 5/8/2017
Clickslither Goblin Sacrifice Olenoname 5/8/2017
Mind Tacosanta 5/5/2017
temp card list carl 5/5/2017
Rainbow Dragons Wmcgr 5/5/2017
Zoo KingMoose 4/24/2017
Mountain MCCASLIN 4/24/2017
built_Ultra-Budget Human Druid Tribal miekmende 4/21/2017
Black Sac DLang 4/20/2017
$25 Blue Faeries HanClinto 4/19/2017
LandScape DLang 4/17/2017
red white aggro Pig_r_life 4/15/2017
THUNDERPONY Bobob, the Destroyer 4/15/2017
Felidar Crusade DaniUg 4/13/2017
Mono White Tokens sirangel219 4/9/2017
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