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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Intet, the Dreamer budget for my cousin # Thantis$$ 11/30/2020
Intet, the Dreamer budget for my cousin # Thantis$$ 11/30/2020
Intet, the Dreamer budget for my cousin # Thantis$$ 11/30/2020
Intet, the Dreamer budget for my cousin Thantis$$ 11/30/2020
The Long Kon (first draft) Syvantir 10/6/2020
Orzhov Doom Pact Syvantir 6/25/2020
Mono Red Prowess Syvantir 6/19/2020
Boros Feather Syvantir 6/16/2020
Izzet Pyromancer Syvantir 6/12/2020
Simic Mutate Syvantir 6/10/2020
Orzhov Pestilence Syvantir 6/5/2020
Boros Bully Syvantir 6/5/2020
Dimir Delver Syvantir 5/30/2020
Burn GrantusMantis MTGO Pauper Challenge - 05/25/2020 5th-8th 5/27/2020
Jeskai Cycling Syvantir 5/24/2020
Temur Adventures Syvantir 5/13/2020
Golgari Adventures Syvantir 5/13/2020
GB Lurrus Rock Syvantir 5/8/2020
Mono Black Sacrifice Syvantir 4/25/2020
UB Flash Syvantir 4/25/2020
Bogles Syvantir 4/13/2020
Inside Out Combo Syvantir 4/13/2020
Rakdos Madness Syvantir 4/7/2020
Temur Tron Syvantir 4/3/2020
Rakdos Control Syvantir 4/3/2020
Mono Blue Control Syvantir 3/30/2020
Mono Red Goblins Syvantir 3/28/2020
Mono Black Control Syvantir 3/25/2020
Blue Steel Syvantir 3/17/2020
Izzet Gonna Make Me Draw Cards or Nah? Euphantious 3/14/2020
Dying Triggered Abilities x2 Euphantious 3/10/2020
Yes, I Willingly Built a Cat Deck Euphantious 3/10/2020
I Don't Have To Use My Combat Phase to Win Euphantious 3/10/2020
I'll Come Up With a Name Later Euphantious 3/8/2020
Mills by Tough Bois Euphantious 3/8/2020
Izzet Breach - Spellsling On A Shoestring Syvantir 3/7/2020
It's Like Teysa Karlov, But Better Euphantious 3/6/2020
It's Okay, They're Just Elves Euphantious 3/5/2020
Big Boy Goblins Euphantious 3/5/2020
Not a Vampire? Leave Euphantious 3/3/2020
The Milling Spirits Euphantious 3/3/2020
+1/+1 Flyers Euphantious 3/2/2020
Proxy This or Get Money Euphantious 3/2/2020
Esper Artifacts + Tokens Euphantious 3/2/2020
Athreos Commander Euphantious 2/25/2020
Mono Red Hollow One Syvantir 2/22/2020
Sram Auras Syvantir 2/11/2020
Temur Reclamation Christopher Tarantino SCG Classic Standard - Philadelphia - 02/09/2020 5th-8th 2/10/2020
Ajani + Sorin Euphantious 2/1/2020
Yennett's Odds Euphantious 2/1/2020

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