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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Slivers burgintosh 3/9/2021
Toski Tokens $60 Engine_dot_deck 2/23/2021
Deathtouch? MrBelboBaggins 2/21/2021
Deathtouch...? MrBelboBaggins 2/3/2021
Taigam goes brr Ugincolorless 1/18/2021
Golos ver 1 Gingerbread Man 1/14/2021
Najeela Updated Warriors Reginald Jericho 10/20/2020
Najeela Warrior Tribal Reginald Jericho 10/20/2020
Odric Booster Reginald Jericho 10/19/2020
Updated Baral Reginald Jericho 10/19/2020
Baral Counter/Token Reginald Jericho 10/9/2020
Flashback Valuetown Pavel Shpagin 8/28/2020
Azorius Auras (Lurrus) Ginky_MTG 8/25/2020
Mono-Green Devotion juzam_gin MTGO Pioneer Challenge - 08/15/2020 5th-8th 8/17/2020
Mono-White Auras Ginky 7/31/2020
Mono-White Auras Ginky 7/30/2020
Mono-White Devotion Misplacedginger MTGO Pioneer Challenge - 07/18/2020 5th-8th 7/22/2020
My Meren EDH deck Marginis 7/16/2020
Silver's Rakdos, Lord of Riots EDH deck Marginis 7/16/2020
Azorius Spirits juzam_gin MTGO Pioneer Showcase Challenge - 07/12/2020 3rd-4th 7/13/2020
Death by a Thousand Slivers YoloSwaggins 5/17/2020
Average Valduk, keeper of the flame equipment deck Scavenging is fun 5/13/2020
Tetsuko wheel/ infect Scavenging is fun 4/22/2020
CoCoTaur T.Baggins 3/18/2020
Rampant Elves T.Baggins 3/18/2020
Human Tokens T.Baggins 3/18/2020
Zombies at the Mill T.Baggins 3/17/2020
Aggro Knights T.Baggins 2/4/2020
Alela artifacts/ enchantment anthem commander Scavenging is fun 1/30/2020
Krenko EDH RagingWolf1109 1/27/2020
Planeswalker Deck Commander Pavel Shpagin 1/22/2020
Iname Budget EDH V1 UrzaBangins 1/10/2020
Angel, the best Pavel Shpagin 12/25/2019
The House Always Wins TheAmazingGinger 11/27/2019
Infinite elf’s Majesticginger013 11/21/2019
Infect bois Majesticginger013 11/18/2019
Gggggggggggggggg Majesticginger013 11/18/2019
Ya bois Majesticginger013 11/18/2019
Sneaky infect bois Majesticginger013 11/18/2019
Green Golos RagingTiltMonster MTGO Pioneer PTQ - 11/01/2019 5th-8th 11/4/2019
Temur Midrange Aaron Higgins SCG Classic Standard - Indianapolis - 10/13/2019 9th-16th 10/14/2019
The Eternal Watch TheAmazingGinger 10/7/2019
The Blackened Rosegarden TheAmazingGinger 10/3/2019
Knight's Charges TheAmazingGinger 10/3/2019
Tom that kills people That friggin guy 9/5/2019
Burn Yor Face Off GinjaNinja16.0 8/2/2019
Go Vamp Urself GinjaNinja16.0 8/2/2019
I might Want This Later GinjaNinja16.0 8/2/2019
Naya See Me, Naya Don't GinjaNinja16.0 8/2/2019
Ramp My Sul GinjaNinja16.0 8/2/2019

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