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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
B/R Aggro hei MTGO Competitive Standard League: 2/12 - 2/18 2/13/2018
U/R Gifts Storm Brian Heine SCG Classic Modern - Dallas - 1/21/2018 5th-8th 1/22/2018
RU heisenberg87 12/19/2017
Storm Brian Heine 2017 Grand Prix Oklahoma City 9th-16th 12/11/2017
Mardu Vehicles ShoheiYokoyama MTGO Competitive Standard League: 11/13-11/19 11/27/2017
U/B theimpossibleemu MTGO Competitive Standard League: 11/6-11/12 11/13/2017
Ramunap Red Shuhei Nakamura Pro Tour Ixalan 11/6/2017
Ramunap Red Brian Heine Pro Tour Ixalan 11/6/2017
Mardu Vehicles ShoheiYokoyama MTGO Standard PTQ - 11/5/2017 2nd 11/5/2017
Turntimber Adaption QuantumHeil 11/5/2017
Turntimber Infinite QuantumHeil 11/5/2017
Arcane Adaption Budget QuantumHeil 11/5/2017
Grixis Death's Shadow hei MTGO Competitive Modern League: 10/16-10/22 10/18/2017
Elementals Ophei 10/9/2017
Ramunap Red Brian Heine SCG Open Standard - Dallas - 10/1/17 33rd-64th 10/2/2017
Pirates Ophei 10/2/2017
Oceanic Might Ophei 9/4/2017
Zurgo Rush Ophei 9/3/2017
Uril the Miststalker Ophei 8/20/2017
B/G Constrictor Curveiganhei MTGO Competitive Standard League: 8/14-8/20 8/15/2017
Gatewatch Sliver Swarm Ophei 8/6/2017
Unearth Black-Blue Zombies v1.0 Zeketheimpailer 7/21/2017
Dredge Ryohei Kirino 2017 Grand Prix Kobe 17th-32nd 5/30/2017
Sultai Death's Shadow Curveiganhei MTGO Competitive Modern League: 5/15-5/21 5/22/2017
Mighty Morphin Minotaurs Optimus Heim 5/20/2017
Rogue Miyake Taihei 5/1/2017
Temur Marvel William Heise SCG Open Standard - Atlanta - 04/30/2017 9th-16th 4/30/2017
Storm Heibing MTGO Competitive Modern League: 4/24-4/30 4/25/2017
Temur Marvel RodrigoPinheiro MTGO Competitive Standard League: 4/17-4/23 4/22/2017
Mardu Ballista Kirino Ryohei Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 1st 3/20/2017
Death's Shadow Raymond Heikkenen 2017 TCGplayer States - ME 3rd-4th 3/7/2017
Four-Color Saheeli Raphael Dolscheid GP Utrecht Standard - 2/25/17 17th-32nd 2/27/2017
Mardu Vehicles Yohei Nomiya 2017 Pro Tour Aether Revolt 2/5/2017
W/U Flash Shuhei Nakamura 2016 Grand Prix Denver 17th-32nd 12/5/2016
Miracles Yohei Ogawa 2016 Grand Prix Chiba 33rd-64th 11/29/2016
5c panharmonicon sheikia2 11/22/2016
Sultai Control Shuhei Nakamura 2016 GP Kuala Lumpur 33rd-64th 10/24/2016
W/U Flash Brad Theisen SCG Classic Standard - Milwaukee - 10/23/16 5th-8th 10/24/2016
B/G Delirium Shuhei Nakamura Pro Tour Kaladesh 33rd-64th 10/17/2016
Storm sheikia2 9/26/2016
R/G Tron Zen Ho Kin Hei 2016 Grand Prix Guangzhou 8/28/2016
B/G Delirium Shuhei Nakamura Pro Tour Eldritch Moon 8/6/2016
U/R Reveler Shouhei Kanbe 7/28/2016
Sultai Control Yohei Furuya 2016 Grand Prix Taipei 6/28/2016
W/G Tokens Shuhei Nakamura 2016 Grand Prix Pittsburgh 6/28/2016
Miracles Kyohei Kusakabe 2016 Grand Prix Columbus 6/13/2016
W/G Tokens Shuhei Nakamura 2016 Grand Prix Costa Rica 6/6/2016
Bogles Heidi Hess 2016 TCGplayer Modern State Championships - IA 5th-8th 6/2/2016
Esper Dragons Shuhei Nakamura Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad 4/24/2016
Colorless Eldrazi Shuhei Nakamura Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch 5th-8th 2/8/2016
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