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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Orvar, the All-Form - cody TheGodDragon 4/14/2022
Archenemy.deck TheGodDragon 2/27/2022
FUN TheGodDragon 2/25/2022
control TheGodDragon 11/15/2020
Glissa facts TheGodDragon 6/3/2020
Ink-Treader Nephilim spells TheGodDragon 6/3/2020
Control ramp TheGodDragon 6/2/2020
pauper blue white control TheGodDragon 2/17/2020
pauper tron TheGodDragon 2/16/2020
green white heroic (pioneer) TheGodDragon 10/27/2019
mono blue devotion (pioneer) TheGodDragon 10/27/2019
Emry combo TheGodDragon 10/21/2019
Orzhov control semi budget TheGodDragon 3/24/2019
Hedron Alignment budget TheGodDragon 3/24/2019
Oath of druids TheGodDragon 3/23/2019
Red blue drake TheGodDragon 3/20/2019
green white combo - budget TheGodDragon 3/18/2019
4 color madness delve TheGodDragon 3/17/2019
Mono Blue Faeries TheGodDragon 3/15/2019
Orzhov Midrange TheGodDragon 2/27/2019
Abzan death and taxes TheGodDragon 11/28/2018
gruul eldrazi TheGodDragon 10/24/2018
poli-tic-tok TheGodDragon 8/17/2018
delve tribal TheGodDragon 8/16/2018
flash eldrazi! TheGodDragon 8/15/2018
self sac 20$ budget TheGodDragon 8/15/2018
self sac 20$ budget TheGodDragon 8/15/2018
smile at death TheGodDragon 8/14/2018
mono black TheGodDragon 8/14/2018
morph TheGodDragon 8/13/2018
life gain 10 limit TheGodDragon 8/13/2018
black green goodstuff - rotation proof TheGodDragon 7/18/2018
Draconic Funky dance moves TheGodDragon 7/16/2018
wait? you thought you where going to be playing magic? TheGodDragon 6/15/2018
life hurts, when you play against this deck. TheGodDragon 6/15/2018
look you have no cards left TheGodDragon 5/31/2018
Enchantments TheGodDragon 5/30/2018
wolf tribal TheGodDragon 5/28/2018
land destroy TheGodDragon 3/14/2018
vitamin c TheGodDragon 3/6/2018
zambies TheGodDragon 3/5/2018
FAST TheGodDragon 3/5/2018
Naya Stompy TheGodDragon 2/8/2018
Blue white Approach TheGodDragon 2/7/2018
tokens for william TheGodDragon 2/6/2018
Blue white Approach TheGodDragon 2/4/2018
Blue black artifacts TheGodDragon 2/4/2018
William's curse TheGodDragon 1/2/2018
aggro mardu necromancy TheGodDragon 1/2/2018

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