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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Omnath Budget Commander TheCrispyGremlin 3/23/2017
Mountain Power malhaku 3/22/2017
Vampires (not sparkily) Dakyren 3/22/2017
Atheros EDH mxzf42 3/22/2017
Olivia Voldaren EDH mxzf42 3/22/2017
Samurai Deck Anthony Wayne 3/21/2017
Niv-Mizzet Thinks Really Hard and Kills Everyone ajroncase 3/21/2017
Bant Alliance FrizzleFry84 3/21/2017
Wrath of Avacyn's Legion memoelpatron 3/20/2017
Uril Strike Sousuke150 3/20/2017
Wort, The Raid Mother EDH DogmaKMR 3/19/2017
EZURI EDH kidwell1 3/19/2017
Mother of Thopters NoirCroix 3/18/2017
Sram Prices HedgehogTamer 3/18/2017
War-Torn Grixis Cat_c0de 3/18/2017
Sliver Commander HyShroom 3/18/2017
Dwarves HowardQi 3/18/2017
Om Nom Nom Nom Alex 3/17/2017
built_BU Mill Commander miekmende 3/17/2017
Triton, combo king DrShakalu 3/17/2017
triton hero junaidnomani 3/16/2017
Daretti EDH Jonjey 3/15/2017
Marath will of the combo SirLaFrance 3/15/2017
nekusar TheGuyWhoDoes 3/15/2017
Emrakul has expensive lands Dakyren 3/15/2017
Does It Resolve? Eyeodine 3/15/2017
Cards Needed for Yisan Vladwanman 3/14/2017
Zombies or Voltron or Both Salj 3/14/2017
Long May She Reign Again Bruce Richard 3/14/2017
Grimgrin Combo Dread Hellkite 3/14/2017
Zombie Tribal EDH Syndra 3/14/2017
omnath Dakyren 3/13/2017
Merieke Control EDH theycallmejeremy 3/13/2017
Sram abramowitzmark 3/13/2017
Gisa Needs More Zombies Angel_Of_Blood 3/12/2017
Mikaeus Noodle Arms Noodle Arms 3/12/2017
Perfect Storm Eyeodine 3/12/2017
Tree Hugging Eyeodine 3/12/2017
Giant Toybox Eyeodine 3/12/2017
Nekusar, the Mind Sculptor Eyeodine 3/12/2017
Goblin EDH TheGuyWhoDoes 3/11/2017
PLUNDER THE GRAVES - NO Budget Upgrade (By Helium) Helium 3/11/2017
Gisa Army interpunct 3/11/2017
eRATicate (Relentless Rats) Helium 3/11/2017
Karametra Enchantress Commander / EDH Syndra 3/11/2017
Sen Triplets Better Lands Eric0781 3/11/2017
Commander PJMoriarty 3/11/2017
Akroma, Angel of Wrath EDH memoelpatron 3/11/2017
Hua Tuo EDH Jonjey 3/11/2017
5 color dragons budget volion 3/10/2017

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