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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Talrand Belcher Blots 10/28/2016
Zedruu EDH eXase 10/28/2016
(EDH) Sultai Tasigur and Friends Control Tanner Cruse 10/28/2016
Fairies MedinTv 10/27/2016
Snaaaaaaaakes MedinTv 10/27/2016
Snaaaakes MedinTv 10/27/2016
Budget Lazav, Dimir Mastermind - EDH / Commander syjN15 10/27/2016
Spider Reanimator TooMuchTooSoon 10/27/2016
Lycan Legion Thalia 10/27/2016
This is Halloween TankGirl 10/27/2016
Glissa EDH Aphiladon 10/27/2016
EDH FasMaledicte 10/26/2016
Trolling by the Balls iR8Roont 10/26/2016
Crazy Cat Lady (EDH Variant) AgentAlaska 10/26/2016
Tribe Fungal AgentAlaska 10/26/2016
Tasigur Control LeeInfy 10/26/2016
Zedruu EDH eXase 10/26/2016
Mayael Billy Jack 10/26/2016
Scion of the Ur Dragon EDH WillytheCrabby 10/26/2016
Special Forces TooMuchTooSoon 10/25/2016
Spoopy Skeletons TooMuchTooSoon 10/25/2016
Jarl Ragnar KING OF THE MULTIVERSE Zechs Merquise 10/25/2016
just a damn deck Aeronautics 10/25/2016
Oh! Piece of Candy 211Guy 10/25/2016
Big Red Jaya heavypress__ 10/25/2016
Zirilan of the Claw EDH Millon 10/25/2016
Marrow-Gnawer EDH Millon 10/25/2016
Budget Doran-chan Getinthevan 10/25/2016
Zedruu EDH eXase 10/25/2016
Zedruu EDH eXase 10/25/2016
Freya 102516 riseXabove 10/24/2016
Treebeard Getinthevan 10/24/2016
Dragons Gridde 10/23/2016
Primal Selvala raziellok7 10/23/2016
Sakashima steal things Panface231 10/21/2016
Phelddagrif Panface231 10/21/2016
Enchanting something 10/21/2016
Experiment Kraj EDH Gilly 10/21/2016
Blink 182 wutadik 10/21/2016
Cromat Control DillonMatthewBaca 10/20/2016
20 dollar commander challenge ninevoltcat 10/19/2016
EDH Energy - Mayael the Anima iR8Roont 10/19/2016
Christmas: Elves and Angels WinByDefault 10/19/2016
Derevi The card lock Stin 10/19/2016
Hanna, Ship's Navigator commander paulallan82 10/18/2016
Animar, Soul of Creatures Zhane853 10/18/2016
Vorel of the Hull Clade Zerovus 10/18/2016
EDH Mono Red - Zada iR8Roont 10/18/2016
Grimgrim zombie recursion Panface231 10/18/2016
EDH Land - Omnath iR8Roont 10/17/2016

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