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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Your friends will Hate you! Ldrago626 9/26/2017
Samut and her Warrior Army Ldrago626 9/26/2017
Damia Fun Times Happiness Hour Taco Master 9/26/2017
Zurtai Commander - Creature Types and Enchantments Trinite 9/25/2017
Narset Superfriends Red deck loses 9/25/2017
Broken Blue Walkers Gregory DiTomasso 9/25/2017
Kruphix EDH Gregory DiTomasso 9/25/2017
Steal and Deal TotalSundae 9/25/2017
Buylist2 Millon 9/24/2017
My current Annorei 9/24/2017
Karrthus EDH xEpy0n 9/24/2017
Vampire EDH Gilly 9/24/2017
Default Markov Annorei 9/23/2017
Default Ur Annorei 9/23/2017
Default Inalla Annorei 9/23/2017
Default Arahbo Annorei 9/23/2017
Breya doomsday darthsabinus 9/23/2017
karador Varsav Varsav 9/23/2017
Commander Nayasaurus Rex NULLcode 9/23/2017
Mono Red Control G_TROLL12 9/22/2017
Dragons, Scary Mighty Monster 9/22/2017
No cards for you! Taco Master 9/22/2017
Hardcore Commander - Oloro v2.5 Abysse 9/21/2017
Sliver EDH best SgtBeans 9/21/2017
Edgar Markov Aggro SgtBeans 9/21/2017
Thassa EDH MrSmellmore 9/19/2017
Commander 2017 Dragons Delpheki1323123 9/19/2017
Commander 2017 wizards Delpheki1323123 9/19/2017
Commander 2017 Vampires Delpheki1323123 9/19/2017
Commander 2017 Cats Delpheki1323123 9/19/2017
Gitrog Mig 9/19/2017
Vampires! Bruce Richard 9/19/2017
Werewolf Family Kyyrao Bayendel 9/19/2017
Breya just breya darthsabinus 9/19/2017
breya v1 darthsabinus 9/18/2017
Speed Heroes zachinthemox87 9/18/2017
Scion the Ur Dragon Golden_Tear 9/18/2017
Selenia KM alakhurd 9/18/2017
Taigam Control NoirCroix 9/18/2017
Abzan Enchantments Tanner Cruse 9/18/2017
Bolas TuxedoJackson 9/17/2017
Krenko, Mob Boss Pig_r_life 9/17/2017
Ya Myojin Meh Crazy! Taco Master 9/17/2017
Scion of the Ur Dragon EDH adamcordova 9/17/2017
Marchesa Diplomat of Bolas Hellbender11 9/17/2017
Atraxa EDH call_me_ding 9/17/2017
Rats crash_test 9/16/2017
doomsday Combo Pig_r_life 9/16/2017
Kaalia Aggro EDH EpicSchafer 9/15/2017
Dragon Tribal EDH thordask 9/15/2017

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