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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Scion of the ur-dragon TheGuyWhoDoes 12/5/2016
Run, Silas, Run! Blight Wizard 12/5/2016
Breya, Etherium Shaper funtime ornithoptress 12/5/2016
karador the king DrShakalu 12/5/2016
Sweet Nar Nar Tanner Cruse 12/5/2016
Breya, Combo Shaper thatphilguy 12/5/2016
Teysa, Orzhov Scion Tolarian Community College 12/4/2016
Vampire Tribal Tolarian Community College 12/4/2016
Silvers Tolarian Community College 12/4/2016
Atraxa superfriends Gutrick 12/3/2016
this one kharn jakman9999 12/3/2016
Breya, Etherium Shaper(Budget) lemon sprig 12/3/2016
EDH - Copy iR8Roont 12/2/2016
Blessed Kitties(Budget) lemon sprig 12/2/2016
Commander Deck Nick Barone 12/2/2016
Commander Deck Nick Barone 12/2/2016
Commander Deck Nick Barone 12/2/2016
Saskia smashy TheGuyWhoDoes 12/2/2016
EDH - Queen Marchesa iR8Roont 12/2/2016
Eternity Vessel Trial // Tribulations 12/1/2016
EDH - Captain Sisay iR8Roont 12/1/2016
Rakdos EDH Parker1298 12/1/2016
Wizards(Budget) lemon sprig 12/1/2016
Long May She Reign! Bruce Richard 11/29/2016
Spider Reanimator TooMuchTooSoon 11/29/2016
5 Color Eldrazi FreshAir381 11/28/2016
Sliver syjN15 11/28/2016
edh MattBat27 11/27/2016
Lorthos Edh Sea Monsters ZerkerDX 11/27/2016
Mimeoplasm Combo freeride 11/27/2016
asdfasdf RickyNicol 11/26/2016
Krenko Commander WIP Sam Reynolds 11/25/2016
Mother of Thopters NoirCroix 11/25/2016
Jeskai Commander Sammysosa12 11/24/2016
(EDH) Sultai Tasigur and Friends Control Tanner Cruse 11/23/2016
Damia, Sage of Stone Trial // Tribulations 11/23/2016
Uncle Grenzo's cellar Sonsyma 11/22/2016
Rakdos, Lord of EDH Jakil 11/22/2016
ROFLTHOPTER Strimen 11/21/2016
Slexy Slivers Luxking 11/21/2016
Ojutai and Friends Luxking 11/21/2016
Blue Wins Strimen 11/21/2016
The Mimeopoison Luxking 11/21/2016
Karametra EDH KrmtrLndfll 11/20/2016
Sidisi EDH aibag123 11/20/2016
Vela / Ninja - EDH Zelophad 11/19/2016
Derevi's Flock Millon 11/19/2016
EDH Flash - Leovold iR8Roont 11/18/2016
Omnath, Locus of Mana (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 11/18/2016
5 colour dragons EDH ninevoltcat 11/18/2016

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