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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Shuhei Oath Taco Master 1/21/2017
Budget Elves miekmende 1/20/2017
Doomsday TheAlphaXY 1/20/2017
landfall (built) miekmende 1/19/2017
Rakdo's Evincars Ricardin 1/18/2017
Counters KingMoose 1/16/2017
Angels Morriscode 1/11/2017
EDH Needs Bectron 1/7/2017
Super Frenemies kng1204 1/6/2017
Stuff I have Sokits3 1/3/2017
Sultai Lantern Control Ricardin 12/30/2016
Golgari Lantern Control Ricardin 12/30/2016
Artificer's Intuition mill Paradox Whispers 12/30/2016
Draw Discard miekmende 12/29/2016
Cursed Greg Martin 12/27/2016
Entreat The Angels Morriscode 12/22/2016
Blood Reanimator jrc3789 12/19/2016
Wake jrc3789 12/19/2016
Tree Herders MindSculptor 12/13/2016
Grixis control makniffen 12/12/2016
Jakub Slemr MBC '99 Venkmon 12/11/2016
Aeo Paquette Affinity '04 Venkmon 12/11/2016
aaaaaa zerodyme 12/8/2016
MB Discard Pauper Ricardin 12/6/2016
Saproling Cart ghabrel 12/2/2016
Miscellaneous Cart ghabrel 12/2/2016
EDH Cart ghabrel 12/2/2016
Scouring Flames Cart ghabrel 12/2/2016
Blue prison Parker1298 12/1/2016
Darigaaz jungle Ozzie282 11/25/2016
Fiendish Nature NiceDay4Goats 11/23/2016
Vintage Elves BoomBoomStormCloud 11/22/2016
Dual Lands jrc3789 11/20/2016
ANT makniffen 11/17/2016
Vintage Tendrils makniffen 11/11/2016
Atraxa needs Bectron 11/5/2016
Landstill Joseph Bogaard Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 1st 11/2/2016
Stacks Jacob Kory Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 2nd 11/2/2016
TPS Rob Mesotten BOM Eternal Weekend 2016: Paris 5th-8th 11/1/2016
Mentor Control Joan Anton Mateo BOM Eternal Weekend 2016: Paris 1st 11/1/2016
Workshop Aggro Andrew Markiton Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Jeskai Mentor Joe Brennan Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Budget Eldrazi Derek Gallacher Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Car Shops Hiromichi Ito Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Esper Mentor Brian P Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Eldrazi White Michael VanDyke Eternal Weekend 2016: Columbus 5th-8th 10/31/2016
Eldrazi Kdmang 10/30/2016
Giant Sized WW FreezingMoon 10/28/2016
Eldrazi Mark Hornung Eternal Extravaganza 2nd 10/27/2016
Relic and the Realms of Trinkets past. Relic of the Library 10/26/2016

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