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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Shadow Burn Sporter 3/29/2017
Krark-Clan Ironworks - Budget Sporter 3/28/2017
Tower Burn Sporter 3/16/2017
Infinite Elves Sporter 3/15/2017
ModGobs Sporter 3/10/2017
RG Energy Sporter 3/7/2017
Death's Gate Apostles Sporter 3/4/2017
Death's Gate Goblins Sporter 3/4/2017
Gargadon Cheerios Sporter 3/2/2017
Petting Zoo Sporter 3/1/2017
AetherSquall Marvel Sporter 3/1/2017
GB Hulk Sporter 3/1/2017
21 Pilots Sporter 2/28/2017
Mono-R Burn - Legacy Sporter 2/25/2017
Mono-R Burn - Modern Sporter 2/25/2017
8-Whack Monastery Sporter 2/25/2017
Jalira Sporter 2/23/2017
Delver in the Ice Sporter 2/22/2017
Modern Vamps Sporter 2/16/2017
Mono-B Sporter 2/16/2017
BW Herald Angel Sporter 2/15/2017
The Professor's Modern RDW - Budget Sporter 2/15/2017
UR Improvise (Budget) Sporter 2/13/2017
BGearhulk Sporter 2/10/2017
Mod Gobs Sporter 1/26/2017
Lupine Dreadnought Sporter 1/26/2017
Cheerios Sporter 1/26/2017
RG Crew 1 Sporter 1/26/2017
T2 Infinite Life Sporter 1/26/2017
Frontier Lupine Sporter 1/26/2017
Mono-Red Burn (Budget-ish) Sporter 1/24/2017
Lupine Dreadnought Sporter 1/13/2017
Budget Standard WW Sporter 1/13/2017
Rakdos Constructs Sporter 1/5/2017
Myr Charbelcher Sporter 1/5/2017
Test123 Sporter 1/2/2017
Frontier Energy Sporter 12/31/2016
Goblin Seed Sporter 12/31/2016
Budget Aetherworks Sporter 12/20/2016
Rakdos Reckoner (T2 Infinite Life) Sporter 12/16/2016
Mono G Energy Sporter 12/14/2016
RG Energy Aggro II Sporter 12/14/2016
Naya Energy Sporter 11/20/2016
RG III Ways to Die Sporter 11/18/2016
Trampled Under Foot Sporter 11/18/2016
Mono-Green Aether Sporter 11/16/2016
Budget Affinity Sporter 11/15/2016
Don't feed after midnight Sporter 10/20/2016
Avacyn, my aim is true Sporter 10/14/2016
UR Delver Sporter 10/13/2016

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