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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Neheb the Eternal Babox 11/24/2018
Izzet EDH diktat 11/23/2018
Get Kicked II 404Dragon 11/21/2018
Land Hate Falkurathian 11/17/2018
Local Two For One Pizza Place The C@t 11/8/2018
Zozu No Fun Lasav EDH 10/22/2018
[EDH] Mizzix Spellslinger Doodlebee 10/17/2018
lightning clap MasterOfKarateAndFriendship 10/12/2018
Izzet Spells Nolifeking666 10/7/2018
Zo-Zu The Punisher Noblebrick 9/26/2018
Zo-Zu PUNISH quose_stain 9/26/2018
cancer beans 9/20/2018
Ramos Chaos Kromieus 9/12/2018
Burn Pi Guy 9/10/2018
$30 Zada Solterm 9/3/2018
Zada Solterm 9/3/2018
Zada Solterm 9/3/2018
zada Solterm 9/3/2018
$30 Zada Solterm 9/3/2018
Zo Zu The Punisher EDH Demacry 9/3/2018
EDH Land Destruction Bdmiza 8/28/2018
Riku Chaos DiamondSentinel 8/21/2018
Mogis, God of Slaughter ERRORx 8/18/2018
Niv-Izzet of Niv-Mizzet pewpewpew 8/11/2018
Collection 2 Joshfrer 8/8/2018
Jeleva topcat996 8/7/2018
melek mthwiz 8/7/2018
Punisher EDH JankMaster 8/6/2018
Mizzix of the Izmagnus EDH Alex Rotsky 7/29/2018
Test commander W3P0NX 7/27/2018
U/R Shotgun Wizard junkmike 7/26/2018
Jhoira of the Ghitu ERRORx 7/25/2018
ZOZUUU PikaEldrazi 7/24/2018
land braveguy14 7/23/2018
Zo-Zu (unfinished) Shaaw 7/20/2018
ZoZu The Punisher EDH Geekmaster13 7/16/2018
Zo-Zu The Punisher ERRORx 7/16/2018
Zo-Zu the Punisher George Glass 7/15/2018
HateRED {EDH} SithDragon33 7/15/2018
Zo Zu Scienceman91 7/15/2018
Firesong and Sunspeaker Bruce Richard 6/26/2018
Coined Chaos Waitingninja 6/22/2018
Ramos Charms Kromieus 6/7/2018
Zada Tokenstorm Nolifeking666 6/3/2018
magix missles kalgoned 5/20/2018
Niv-Mizzet EDH Combo thordask 5/16/2018
trogdor keenis707 5/15/2018
EDH Nekusar (Death and Taxes) Sad Kitty 5/11/2018
Hidden Psychophilospher 4/20/2018
Jori En, but on a Budget redundancycheck 4/17/2018

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