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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
It's rotation time! Buy these cards! JumboCommander 9/23/2019
It's standard rotation! Let's buy Ixalan! JumboCommander 9/20/2019
Korvold Sacrifice Commander Deck JumboCommander 9/8/2019
Buffy the Vampire Themed Ayli Deck JumboCommander 9/8/2019
Anje Classic Reanimator JumboCommander 9/4/2019
COMPETITIVE Anje JumboCommander 9/4/2019
FAVORITE C19 Deck | Pramikon Deck Tech JumboCommander 8/29/2019
EGGS! Atla Palani Commander Deck Tech JumboCommander 8/21/2019
Kadena, Slinking Morphs JumboCommander 8/14/2019
K'rrik, Yawgmoth's Boy JumboCommander 8/9/2019
"I WIN" Cards in Commander JumboCommander 7/31/2019
Chulane Teller of Tales Commander Deck JumboCommander 7/24/2019
Budget Commander NINAS! | Yuriko EDH Deck JumboCommander 7/18/2019
Gargos, Vicious Watcher Hail Hydra JumboCommander 7/12/2019
Kethis the Hidden Hand Legendary EDH JumboCommander 7/8/2019
Ajani Strength of the Pride OATHBREAKER! JumboCommander 7/8/2019
Yarok the Desecrated Lands Matter Commander JumboCommander 6/27/2019
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician Commander JumboCommander 6/19/2019
Cards In My Cart | June 2019 JumboCommander 6/11/2019
Urza Combo-Stax-Friend-Ender JumboCommander 5/31/2019
Urza, Lord High Artificer Fair Version? JumboCommander 5/31/2019
Ilharg Attacks Commander Deck JumboCommander 5/16/2019
Nicol Bolas the Elder | Control Oathbreaker JumboCommander 5/14/2019
Arma-Gideon | Aggro Oathbreaker JumboCommander 5/14/2019
Huatli-an-ass | Aggro Oathbreaker JumboCommander 5/14/2019
God-Eternal Oketra Made Some Zombie Friends JumboCommander 5/2/2019
Niv-Mizzet Reborn and All the Guilds Commander Deck JumboCommander 4/30/2019
Food Chain Niv-Mizzet cEDH JumboCommander 4/30/2019
Feather the Redeemed Commander Deck JumboCommander 4/24/2019
Massacre Girl The Board Wipe General JumboCommander 4/13/2019
Mowu Loyal Companion Good Boi Commander JumboCommander 4/9/2019
Neheb Dreadhorde Champion War of the Spark Spells JumboCommander 4/4/2019
General Tazri Ally Enchantress JumboCommander 3/28/2019
Cards In My Cart! JumboCommander 3/20/2019
The Haunt of Hightower Commander Deck JumboCommander 3/18/2019
Isperia Flyers on a BUDGET! JumboCommander 3/6/2019
Rakdos the Showstopper Demon Control JumboCommander 2/27/2019
I'm Buying MAGIC GAME NIGHT Singles for Commander JumboCommander 2/23/2019
Orzhov Lifegain JumboCommander 2/19/2019
What's In My Cart: Orzhov Singleton JumboCommander 2/16/2019
What's In My Cart: Sultai Singleton Video JumboCommander 2/14/2019
Arena Singleton: Sultai Midrange JumboCommander 2/14/2019
Persistent Petitioners Tribal-Mill-Chantment JumboCommander 2/7/2019
Judith the Scourge of Commander Tables JumboCommander 1/30/2019
Teysa Karlov, Very Orzhov Commander Deck JumboCommander 1/23/2019
Nikya of the Old Ways Big Mana Creatures JumboCommander 1/16/2019
Prime Speaker Vannifar JumboCommander 1/5/2019
Shalai, Voice of Plenty Commander Deck JumboCommander 1/3/2019
Top 10 Commander Cards of 2018 JumboCommander 12/28/2018
Top 10 Budget Commander Cards from Ultimate Masters JumboCommander 12/24/2018

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