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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
mono-black edh spideray 6/29/2017
blue and black (the first deck i made from scratch) The Otaku Lord 6/18/2017
Rats Mr. D 6/2/2017
black flying control (kill la kill) deck The Otaku Lord 5/30/2017
Gisa Needs More Zombies Angel_Of_Blood 5/12/2017
Mikaeus Noodle Arms Noodle Arms 3/12/2017
Demonic (Divine vs Demonic) Halfzipp 12/26/2016
An Attempt at trolling BromtheCrow 12/14/2016
Changeling iShotto 11/28/2016
Geth EDH Millon 10/30/2016
Pauper sidisi dakotah cotton 10/5/2016
SwRamp LeoDraKami 9/30/2016
Griselbrand IAMABYSS 5/22/2016
test FrankDTank16 3/26/2016
MonoB syntheticaprio 3/21/2016
drain life vash2332 2/24/2016
BMR Ender227 2/4/2016
Josh's Creatureless MBC smithwizzle 11/10/2015
Axel Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Josh Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
MBA/C elementalheroflamewingman 4/16/2015
Shirei EDH eh casyoual 3/10/2015
Black Starter hegemonForte 2/23/2015
Maga, Traitor to Mortals thegreatsam 1/17/2015
BLACK gerald 12/8/2014
Price CHeck invaderskull 12/7/2014
Mono Black Stax neilserikson69 10/25/2014
MonoBlackControl amp811 10/21/2014
Fucking Around Cheaply Harsa47 10/2/2014
Duel Deck Price Check DvD WriterofWrong 9/23/2014
Vizkopa Guildmage PDH Verusb 9/1/2014
MonoB Vamps SALOmandra 7/23/2014
HEEERP-A-DERRP Price List andrew77jw 7/22/2014
Fog Pauper rodrigo fidele 7/8/2014
Rats.deck DaViDDRGNSLYR 7/8/2014
col ezaraku 7/6/2014
The King Macar (Midas) UG Andore 7/1/2014
Curbstomp cresch07 6/25/2014
swamps are imba roscoekane 5/26/2014
Thug Love in this Club Encendi 4/9/2014
Monoblack Modern Pauper imaterrorist 3/11/2014
Seizan WiredWeasel 3/9/2014
Ob-nixilis, The Fallen Cmathias 2/17/2014
Pauper Mono black eagle1909 1/13/2014
Skittles cenderone 1/7/2014
Maga 1.0 bearbot 12/31/2013
Korlash 1.1 bearbot 12/31/2013
mtg pauper black deck rochype 12/29/2013
pauper edh depfan 12/14/2013
MBC transmute alexplz 12/3/2013

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