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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Defenders jp523 10/17/2015
Budget affinity jp523 7/16/2015
Missing cards jp523 6/20/2015
Axel Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Josh S. Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Gen Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Jesse Buylist 2 jp523 6/3/2015
Josh Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Jesse Buylist jp523 6/3/2015
Master the way jp523 9/30/2014
Karona Vow jp523 9/4/2014
Chaos ideas jp523 9/4/2014
EDH Cube-new jp523 8/24/2014
Sliver EDH jp523 8/24/2014
Panglacial win jp523 8/4/2014
Monoblue Architect jp523 7/18/2014
Severence Package jp523 7/11/2014
36 Wizards jp523 7/11/2014
Azusa jp523 5/26/2014
EDH Cube jp523 4/19/2014
Jin jp523 1/3/2014
GW Hate jp523 10/6/2013
Lands jp523 3/10/2013
Green Aggro jp523 1/12/2013
Hug jp523 11/25/2012
Lin Sivvi EDH jp523 4/7/2012
Momir EDH jp523 3/26/2012
Creature control jp523 2/23/2012
UB Architect jp523 2/6/2012
Pact of the Infinite jp523 2/4/2012
Token Edh jp523 2/1/2012
Infect deck wins jp523 1/20/2012
Dragonstorm jp523 12/23/2011
Red-Black Goblins jp523 12/9/2011
Monored Rebirth jp523 12/4/2011
Squirrels! jp523 11/30/2011
Trix jp523 10/27/2011
Bloodied Lifegain jp523 10/20/2011
Planned Wolf Ramp jp523 10/14/2011
Cheap high tide jp523 10/5/2011
Heartless Contraption jp523 10/5/2011
Affinity jp523 9/29/2011
Goblin Bomb jp523 9/29/2011
Rebels jp523 9/11/2011
Dredge-from other source jp523 9/10/2011
Landfall: Mono Green jp523 9/5/2011
U/G infect jp523 9/5/2011
W/U-Stall jp523 8/26/2011
Eggspam jp523 8/17/2011
Goblins jp523 8/6/2011

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