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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Landfall Scapeshift Zoo Meryn 9/19/2020
Alex's Omnath Locus of creation deck Affinity For Commander 9/17/2020
Tuvasa's Decree of Silence Untap Upkeep 9/16/2020
Chulane Combo yoman5 50 Decks for Zendikar Rising 9/15/2020
Bant Felidar yoman5 50 Decks for Zendikar Rising 9/15/2020
the goat v1 happy_guy19 9/13/2020
Omnath Landfall reignbringer 9/12/2020
Yarok Commander DiscoPotato 9/11/2020
The Returned Queen (hug) ZQue 9/11/2020
Selesnya Lands musasabi MTGO Modern Challenge - 09/06/2020 5th-8th 9/10/2020
Amulet Titan D00mwake MTGO Modern Challenge - 09/05/2020 3rd-4th 9/9/2020
Omnath EDH thelonewolf1009 9/9/2020
Gruul Ramp KombatMatt 9/8/2020
new Androo 9/7/2020
Tatyova Turns cEDH Casually Competitive 9/6/2020
Om-Nom-Nomnath Chase Carroll 9/6/2020
Storybook Landfall ourbravestboy 9/5/2020
Omnath, Locus of Creation Nitpicking Nerds 9/4/2020
Amulet Titan bigjc00 MTGO Modern Challenge - 08/29/2020 3rd-4th 9/3/2020
1 OMNATH, LOCUS OF THE ROIL The Kearns 9/2/2020
Mono - Green Ramp bruh123 9/1/2020
Simic Splendid Reclamation Meryn 8/31/2020
Simic Splendid Reclamation Meryn 8/29/2020
amulet titan Zimbog 8/27/2020
amulet titan Zimbog 8/27/2020
Amulet Titan Zimbog 8/27/2020
AZUSA tfay11 8/24/2020
momir +1+1 Senbonshaman 8/23/2020
Top Deck Seetur 8/16/2020
GW Titan Value Town Meryn 8/14/2020
Sisay Shrines DaRogueDragon 8/11/2020
Jodah, master of the wheel Lurek 8/10/2020
Kenrith, Shrine King Largehorn 8/8/2020
mm Black Oracle 8/4/2020
KYNAIOS AND TIRO needs LordDreximus 8/4/2020
Sisasy EDH Buddiez 8/2/2020
f James the furry 8/2/2020
Scion of the Ur Drag EDH mike1440 7/31/2020
amulet titan arcto 7/31/2020
Kenrith, King of Everything OwenCoyne02 7/29/2020
Vito's Cathedral (Not my deck) Secretly a Chicken Tender 7/28/2020
S05E10 - Omnath Playing With Power MTG 7/28/2020
Zaxara's Hydras tokyodrifloon 7/26/2020
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim super friends SocietysTypo 7/26/2020
Golos tirless pilgrim and freinds SocietysTypo 7/26/2020
Sidisi Zombie Field Dhoard1320 7/20/2020
Tayam EDH counters and FUN CommandersJourney 7/18/2020
donovan list asdf 7/15/2020
Child of Alara - Gods RevHavoc 7/14/2020
Sliver Tribal Cards Nitpicking Nerds 7/14/2020

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