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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Historic Izzet Epiphany KebbieG 11/28/2021
GW Aggro KebbieG 11/21/2021
I am Farming Here KebbieG 11/21/2021
Boros Prowess KebbieG 11/21/2021
Turboshift KebbieG 11/21/2021
Werebear Dredge KebbieG 11/21/2021
Cloudpost Titan KebbieG 11/21/2021
Life Burn KebbieG 11/21/2021
Pioneer Goblins KebbieG 11/21/2021
Faeries KebbieG 11/17/2021
Myr & Friends KebbieG 11/15/2021
Historic HammerTime KebbieG 11/14/2021
Historic Taxes KebbieG 11/14/2021
Temur Bard Class KebbieG 11/14/2021
Lavaball Trap KebbieG 11/7/2021
Naya Zoo KebbieG 11/7/2021
Temur Dragon Control KebbieG 11/7/2021
Merfolk KebbieG 11/7/2021
Dragon Aggro KebbieG 11/7/2021
Lurrus Jund KebbieG 11/7/2021
Shrines KebbieG 11/7/2021
Grixis Tinybones KebbieG 11/7/2021
Orzhov Token KebbieG 11/7/2021
Jund KebbieG 11/7/2021
Izzet Turns KebbieG 11/7/2021
Tolvor's Huntmaster KebbieG 11/7/2021
Grixis Control KebbieG 10/31/2021
Mono Green KebbieG 10/31/2021
Smoldering Egg KebbieG 10/31/2021
Obliterate KebbieG 10/31/2021
Mono U Tempo KebbieG 10/31/2021
TitanShift KebbieG 10/25/2021
Giants KebbieG 10/25/2021
Elves KebbieG 10/25/2021
Dinosaurs KebbieG 10/25/2021
Vampires KebbieG 10/25/2021
Werewolves KebbieG 10/25/2021
Zombies KebbieG 10/25/2021
Mythic Deck Skeleton Swarming KebbieG 10/15/2021
Mardu Burn KebbieG 10/15/2021
Saryth KebbieG 10/15/2021
Dredge KebbieG 10/15/2021
Slogurk Infinite Turns KebbieG 10/15/2021

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