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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Pain-PizzaTime Tis Pizza Time 9/26/2020
The Enchanting Harpy EDH ChainofCommander 9/24/2020
Oloro Nano69 9/20/2020
Discard ??? ZQue 9/15/2020
Windgrace Ghost of Ancient Kangz 9/7/2020
Look Ma, No Hands! Chase Carroll 8/21/2020
Crosis Discard EDH - Budget Bryden 8/17/2020
Mogis MooManaPlz 8/6/2020
Vito, Thorn In The Side Wookiecumslut 7/30/2020
Tinybones Everodd22 7/23/2020
Tinybones, Trinket Thief | $100 Budget Deck Tech | EDH | Commander | Jumpstart | Discard BudgetCommander 7/19/2020
Tinybones, Trinket Thief Shamisen 7/15/2020
Toxic Loyalty Chase Carroll 7/11/2020
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic - S.A.L.T Deck Nano69 6/26/2020
Tinybones! Nitpicking Nerds 6/22/2020
Mogis Kickbutt hmrudejp 6/18/2020
Xantcha, Sleeper Agent Mark Nestico 6/12/2020
Wow Mono Black Removal (never been done before) Mubumb0 6/10/2020
JUND LD Newcarguy 5/30/2020
Marrow-Gnawer v.1 opsmminer 5/27/2020
Rakdos Vampires jingo 5/27/2020
Hungry Hungry Kroxa Mark Nestico 5/25/2020
Slaughter BedBugFarmer 5/25/2020
Obosh + Kaervek EDH Meryn 4/27/2020
Time for Stax JMRW2019 4/23/2020
stuff price checker 4/15/2020
hugs for all and some ping cottontoefluff 4/11/2020
Chainer - the Mono B one | BATTLE OF THE BREWS #20 Commander's Brew 4/1/2020
Search slothlord3 3/31/2020
Sygg, River Cutthroat EDH Hainoit 3/27/2020
Sleeper Agent Grevil 3/26/2020
Oloro Ageless Ascetic EDH enchantment deck Ralithar 3/26/2020
Golgari Nicerack 3/23/2020
The Black Death Osyrys 3/20/2020
Alela Artifacts and Enchantments Kyphur 3/15/2020
Serra's Angels - Eli's Nath Praetor Magic 3/14/2020
My Three Ladies Lurek 3/6/2020
Son of life dakipmyster 3/5/2020
Malfegor TacoMonocle 3/4/2020
Athreos, God of Passage Jewy 2/22/2020
Year of the Rat Yutsud 2/18/2020
all hail marchesa frankthedank 2/16/2020
Singleton Showdown - Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger CMDRNinetyNine 2/10/2020
So we've been decepted Lurek 2/5/2020
Rakdos Group Slug EHLAU 2/4/2020
Commander Online - Phyrexian's Nicol Bolas Praetor Magic 1/25/2020
Suffocation (Discard Focus) Modern bluecthulhu 1/10/2020
Tsabo Tavoc EDH VoidmageGamer 1/9/2020
MonoVamp R0090 12/22/2019
Bolas Dr.Jones 12/21/2019
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