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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
RG Land D Jon Clancy 2003 Champs: California 5th-8th 10/28/2003
Affinity Rick Poehling 2003 Champs: Nebraska 5th-8th 10/28/2003
Affinity David Rolek 2003 Champs: New Jersey 1st 10/28/2003
Affinity Jackson Price 2003 Champs: Mississippi 1st 10/28/2003
Affinity Daniel Hanson 2003 Champs: Washington 1st 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Nathan Buchanan 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Ponza Sam Bachmann 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblins Darby Vickery 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Goblins Allen Reynolds 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 2nd 10/27/2003
Affinity Nathan Murata 2003 Champs: California 2nd 10/27/2003
Goblins Joshua Clingo 2003 Champs: Utah 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblins Cole Thomas 2003 Champs: Utah 2nd 10/27/2003
Ponza Jack Christopher 2003 Champs: North Dakota 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Affinity Martin Lawrence 2003 Champs: Wales, England 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Kameron Case 2003 Champs: California 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
RG Aggro LD Erik Olsen 2003 Champs: New York 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Kyle Corrie 2003 Champs: Texas 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Scepter Burn Robin J. Enman 2003 Champs: Prince Edward Island, CA 5th-8th 10/26/2003
RG Land D Phil Wyatt 2003 Champs: Delaware 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Goblins Mark Hanlon 2003 Champs: Newfoundland, CA 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Affinity Peter Heath 2003 Champs: Newfoundland, CA 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Peter Deal 2003 Champs: Newfoundland, CA 1st 10/26/2003
Affinity Ben Tegtmeier 2003 Champs: Iowa 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Affinity Patrick Clohessy 2003 Champs: Western Australia 1st 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Mike Wilhoit 2003 Champs: West Virginia 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Beasts Joel DeAngelo 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 1st 10/26/2003
Affinity Michael Taylor 2003 Champs: West Virginia 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Goblins John Barnes 2003 Champs: West Virginia 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Ponza Ben Abramowitz 2003 Champs: West Virginia 2nd 10/26/2003
Goblins Bob Messmer 2003 Champs: Pennsylvania 5th-8th 10/26/2003
R/W Control Marty Porter 2003 Champs: Ohio 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Goblins Chris Pait 2003 Champs: Ohio 2nd 10/26/2003
Affinity Randy Wright 2003 Champs: Ohio 1st 10/26/2003
Sligh Dan Gillis 2003 Champs: Michigan 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Atog / Grab the Reins Aaron Breider 2003 Champs: Michigan 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Blistering Belch Ray Levos 2003 Champs: Michigan 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
R/G Affinity Dodge Grootemaat 10/26/2003
Affinity Max Joseph 2003 Champs: New York 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Affinity Mike Wawszczak 2003 Champs: Illinois 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Br Zombies Barry Hyden 2003 Champs: Kentucky 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
R/G Control Ben Rubin 10/22/2003
GRb William Hodack 10/19/2003
Goblins BB Staff 10/19/2003
RW Hammer-Wrath BB Staff 10/19/2003
Ponza Kai Budde 10/14/2003
Goblins Brett Rogers 10/14/2003
Hammer and Anvil Nicolas Labarre 10/13/2003
Sligh Jarrod Bright article decklist 10/9/2003
The Red Army Redux Zvi Mowshowitz None 10/6/2003
Affinity Daniel Hanson 10/5/2003
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