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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Kaalia Need List BubonicX1 11/1/2021
Karadon't. Ep. 9 Cardboard Command 10/31/2021
Sisay's Angels Sporter 8/10/2021
Tariel or "Angel's Revamped" Monk Miyagi 7/27/2021
Kaalia Budget AsianSensation 7/15/2021
Firja Angel Tribal Reanimator Sam Hassebroek 7/10/2021
Legendary Lockdown MPoisner7 6/12/2021
Teneb needs to harvest some b*tches fr fr Hagaschi Miyagi 4/12/2021
Graverobbing and Killing, Good Christian Activities Hagaschi Miyagi 4/5/2021
Kaalia (EDH) captpike99 3/9/2021
Kaalia go Brrr Captain Summer 2/9/2021
mono white tokens SlayedSlayer 1/31/2021
Kaalia: Throw out Big Stuff Ardipithicus 12/12/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
Niambi ChubbsMcBlubbs 11/28/2020
chulane Floof 11/6/2020
Boros Reanimator Iraedies 11/6/2020
Its gonna be Legendary subbydupie 10/25/2020
Vex's Who Let the Demons Out VEX MTG 10/23/2020
"Zombie" Angels Blade Waltz 9/25/2020
Mono-White Angelic Build Thehookup 9/21/2020
Black and White atrocity Pov2II 9/13/2020
White and Black atrocity Pov2II 9/13/2020
Kaalia Wagon 9/3/2020
Kaalia 3.0 Wagon 9/3/2020
Kaalia expensive Wagon 9/3/2020
Revelation 13:18 HamsterOnStrike 8/19/2020
Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Mark Nestico 8/16/2020
Kaalia of the Vast Hungry Wookie 8/14/2020
kaalia dda Electriccrabz 8/9/2020
3DH - M21 Niambi Praetor Magic 8/5/2020
Niambi 2 gramondo35 8/4/2020
Kaalia angels DemFate 7/30/2020
Kaalia StellarNear 7/15/2020
Albion Avatar - Doran Albion Avatar 7/15/2020
Kevin's Kaalia of the vast Common Command 7/14/2020
kalinas cards Hoppin Onefoot 6/30/2020
Sisay/Kogla tag team hmrudejp 6/18/2020
Nazahn Toolbox (Budget/In Construction) Nickatlarge 6/9/2020
Lifegain Hi_Dakota 6/2/2020
Extra Turn Annoyingness Hi_Dakota 5/27/2020
Chonks Astra 3M 5/17/2020
Chonk Astra 3M 5/17/2020
Archangel Avacyn EDH Jonahthesiamese 5/7/2020
angels wubrg ciannarim 4/10/2020
rfdsg price checker 4/5/2020
VROOM!!! Astra 3M 3/29/2020
Sam's Golos, Tireless Pilgrim deck Affinity For Commander 3/25/2020
Vroom Astra 3M 3/8/2020

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