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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Rakdos Pirates (Budget) Sporter 1/19/2018
Merfolk Sporter 1/18/2018
RB Pyromancer Sporter 1/18/2018
RG Pyromancer Sporter 1/18/2018
No Skred Red Sporter 1/18/2018
Goblin Burn.MOD Sporter 1/16/2018
Mono-W Ajani Sporter 1/12/2018
Braids Sporter 1/12/2018
Untap Target Land Sporter 1/12/2018
Pauper Gobs Sporter 1/11/2018
Aetherflux Lifegain Sporter 1/9/2018
Elves Sporter 12/14/2017
2014 Modern Event Deck Sporter 12/2/2017
4 Color Burn Sporter 11/29/2017
Salvage Titan Sporter 11/21/2017
Standard Bogles Sporter 11/9/2017
Gideon of the Can't Lose Sporter 11/3/2017
Dragon's Herald / Bloodhall Ooze Sporter 11/3/2017
Crested Sunmare Sporter 10/31/2017
All-In Pummeler Sporter 10/26/2017
Merfolk 2017 Sporter 10/24/2017
Goblins 2017 Sporter 10/24/2017
GW Infinite Mana/Elves Sporter 10/24/2017
Ally Aggro.MOD Sporter 10/20/2017
Esper Monument.STD Sporter 10/13/2017
Valroz Infect Sporter 10/13/2017
Energy Cats Sporter 9/27/2017
Sorin's Vengeance Sporter 9/6/2017
UW Artificer Sporter 8/29/2017
Little Kid GW Sporter 8/22/2017
UG Best Deck Ever Sporter 8/20/2017
Soulfire Burn Sporter 8/18/2017
Mono-W Budget Aggro/Life Sporter 8/17/2017
Abbey Ramp Sporter 8/17/2017
RW Token Burn Sporter 8/16/2017
UW Mill Sporter 8/15/2017
Mono G Counters Sporter 8/15/2017
UR Afflicted Sporter 8/14/2017
Mono R Burn Sporter 8/14/2017
UB Afflict Aggro Sporter 8/14/2017
T2 Tokens Sporter 8/12/2017
GW Energy Sporter 8/11/2017
Modern Goblins Sporter 8/7/2017
Goblin Tokens Sporter 8/7/2017
Rhona's Kitties Sporter 8/4/2017
BW Zombie Gift Sporter 8/1/2017
Mono Red Sporter 8/1/2017
Mono Red Sporter 7/31/2017
RG Energy Sporter 7/31/2017
Black Helicopters Sporter 7/26/2017
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