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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Damia, Sage of Vraska Kyeran 3/23/2021
decklist xXoddballXx 2/17/2021
Gorgon's Touch of Death Betelguese90 1/26/2021
Halana's Deathtouchers | COMMANDER'S BREW - E280 Commander's Brew 1/26/2021
Niv Reborn Djpokemonfam 12/21/2020
Green, Black deathtouch deckcards $0.25 or less bobxll 10/19/2020
Queen of the Bad Touch - Vraska, Swarms Eminence -- Inspiring Call - Oathbreak Down 1 Signature Spell Bomb! 8/16/2020
Kathril Deathtouch Indestructible | COMMANDER'S BREW - E256 Commander's Brew 8/4/2020
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Dizabelle 7/13/2020
Chevill Deathtouch Ping a Bounty CommandersJourney 7/11/2020
Hooded Deathtouch SBMTGDev 7/2/2020
chevill destruction Electriccrabz 6/28/2020
dsz klein 6/5/2020
Atraxa Commander radaustin27 6/4/2020
Chevill the Bounty Hunter Heavy 5/11/2020
Grave player Rayne 4/23/2020
Vraska, Swarm Eminence - Oathbreaker Grievus25 4/10/2020
Vraska Assassins Grievus25 4/10/2020
99 for less - Storrev, Devkarin Lich CMDRNinetyNine 3/31/2020
Insects! Lionerdhoe 3/29/2020
Gfg Marrlfox 3/12/2020
Vraska Tribal Lionerdhoe 3/6/2020
War of the Spark Sealed Box | BATTLE OF THE BREWS Commanders Brew 3/6/2020
G/B Deathtouch SBMTGDev 2/22/2020
Abandonment Issues HamsterOnStrike 1/31/2020
Black Devotion MightyEd 1/3/2020
Multicolor Peasant Seussman 11/24/2019
5c Walkers for under $50 NickyBolas 11/20/2019
Sisters of Stone Death Naga/ Gorgon EDH (Editted from Commander's Quarters) Lisa Lisa 11/6/2019
test zaiorn 11/3/2019
Cheapo golgari That Dude Over There 11/1/2019
Oko Tokens (Budget) WORDdrivenCUBE 10/29/2019
Rhythm of Domri Rhomben 9/30/2019
Glissa's Naughty Toys Dreadx_xPirate 9/24/2019
Standard Golgari The Great White 8/3/2019
Legendary stuff FlynHawaiian 7/30/2019
Hapatra Commander Roldy 7/23/2019
malady Hamdog 7/22/2019
Budget Teneb Fu11frontal 7/18/2019
Um, excuse me?! Grim Orphan 7/15/2019
Mono Black - Standard WORDdrivenCUBE 7/11/2019
Virtus Lord of Cheapshots TNDB 7/8/2019
Poison Tipped Amazonian 7/3/2019
Budget Vraska, Swarm's Eminence Deathtouch SBMTGDev 6/10/2019
Just Getting Stats drep 6/8/2019
Niv-Mizzet fun Aaron danforth 6/6/2019
Superfriends draft for Neely Seatb3lt 6/2/2019
ZAMBIES edudmas 6/1/2019
Hapatra's Plague Onua 5/30/2019
Garruk, venomous. V2 Onua 5/29/2019

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