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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mother May I Strideralchemy 3/29/2021
Tariel Reanimator TheTrueYoda1 3/29/2021
Hazezon Tamar EDH ChainofCommander 3/29/2021
The Wellerman's Treasures Betelguese90 3/29/2021
Sliver Gold Standard ImpyGimp 3/29/2021
Liesa Commander Draft Whaled 3/29/2021
Rhys The Budgeted Zyrex 3/29/2021
Sarulf Halikadito 3/29/2021
Daxos, Exalted Orion5907 3/28/2021
Slime MonkeyMan 3/28/2021
Rhys EDH ItsSalem 3/28/2021
Rhys Token EDH ItsSalem 3/28/2021
Rhys Tokens ItsSalem 3/28/2021
You’ll hate it Niko2622 3/28/2021
Spirit Mommy Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
Vampires Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
General Mills? I don't know her Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
Eligeth & Kraum John Freak 3/28/2021
The Ur-Dragon Azzren 3/28/2021
the Ur-Dragon EDH Azzren 3/28/2021
Zedruu the Greathearted themanadorksmtg 3/28/2021
Fynnn Poison Commando 3/28/2021
Arcades Commander FallofKings 3/28/2021
Sydri Budget U25 FedeTasty 3/27/2021
enchanments 1 Tuvasa the sunlit 3/27/2021
Land Stuff Leogi 3/27/2021
Spider Tribal natu bad 3/27/2021
Spidey Tribal natu bad 3/27/2021
Squirrel Force 1 Aquamaru 3/27/2021
Gishath Dino commander Súnlight 3/27/2021
Cats and Dorgs Bountyhunter1000 3/26/2021
Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Straight Upgraded BoC 3/26/2021
GW Enchantment EDH pennywisehenry 3/26/2021
Marchesa assassin tribal Kyeran 3/26/2021
Kethis Legendaries Kyeran 3/26/2021
Mike Durpdy Durp Deck Jigglypuff 3/26/2021
Half a yurlok deck Scott3303 3/26/2021
Half a yurlok deck Scott3303 3/26/2021
Persist Pod - Modern Birthing Pod - Iconic Decklist Challenge Playing With Power MTG 3/25/2021
Nekusar Deck VeXz86753 3/25/2021
Sram-O-Mancers EDH ChainofCommander 3/25/2021
Nekusar Deck VeXz86753 3/25/2021
Fiddlesticks Wrecks the World Traehead 3/25/2021
Narset, Enlightened Master Shinta 3/25/2021
Kalamax, the Stormsire Budget(EDH) Shinta 3/25/2021
Araumi Budget U25 FedeTasty 3/25/2021
Wyleth, Soul of Steel John Freak 3/25/2021
S08E07 - Rograkh/Silas Playing With Power MTG 3/25/2021
S08E07 - Rielle Playing With Power MTG 3/25/2021
S08E07 - Mayael Playing With Power MTG 3/25/2021

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