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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Urza's Legacy Cards to Buy SBMTGDev 9/25/2022
Selllist Lil Janky 9/2/2022
buylist Lil Janky 9/2/2022
Simic Creatureless multiplayer Raven80 8/28/2022
93 old school control Dr DRum 8/13/2022
Old school discard deck Dr DRum 8/11/2022
Blue Counter MightyGauntlet2 7/17/2022
Green White Life Gain MightyGauntlet2 7/16/2022
Green Piper MightyGauntlet2 7/15/2022
Eldrazi MightyGauntlet2 7/15/2022
Ok, guy Hot Poopies 7/9/2022
Colorless Eldrazi ramp Lionerdhoe 7/8/2022
Mass Goblins! Cujo2022 6/21/2022
BR Mana EDH Spicy Unicorn Milk 6/20/2022
Stuff to sell JohnnySpells 6/19/2022
FB Collection me1111111 5/28/2022
Red Dragon MightyGauntlet2 5/28/2022
Lands sell arcto 5/17/2022
Budget League Mr_Mittens 5/9/2022
Budget League Mr_Mittens 5/9/2022
artifacts Hot Poopies 5/7/2022
Selesnya Landfall Lifegain Hot Poopies 5/3/2022
Simic Snakes Hot Poopies 5/3/2022
W/U Merfolk Hot Poopies 5/3/2022
Treasure Hunt Hot Poopies 5/3/2022
Black Red White Mutate MightyGauntlet2 5/1/2022
Selling qurgh 4/30/2022
White Weenie MightyGauntlet2 4/29/2022
Black Green Infect MightyGauntlet2 4/28/2022
Selesnya Squirrels Hot Poopies 4/27/2022
W/R Samurai Hot Poopies 4/26/2022
Budget UWR Tempo Dr DRum 4/23/2022
White Angel MightyGauntlet2 4/16/2022
Prize Payout JRB473 4/12/2022
Price Payout JRB473 4/12/2022
SCOURGE ELVES rspann 3/30/2022
ANOTHER ELF DECK rspann 3/30/2022
Defiant Bloodlord rspann 3/30/2022
JESKAI INFINITE COMBOo rspann 3/30/2022
RED GREEN rspann 3/30/2022
WHITE BLUE GREEN rspann 3/30/2022
More Elves rspann 3/30/2022
Vampires On A Budget rspann 3/30/2022
Elves rspann 3/30/2022
Burn rspann 3/30/2022
Zombies rspann 3/30/2022
Counter rspann 3/30/2022
Goblin Bidding rspann 3/30/2022
Artifact Affinity rspann 3/30/2022
Elves v2.0 rspann 3/30/2022

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