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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Rashmi, Eternities Crafter aidenpk 8/15/2017
GW Tokens Rotation Proof aidenpk 8/15/2017
Gwafa Hazid aidenpk 7/17/2017
Krenko, Mob Boss aidenpk 7/17/2017
GW Tokens Kaladesh-On aidenpk 7/12/2017
Pauper Cube (6 Player) aidenpk 6/28/2017
Standard Infinite Mill Budget aidenpk 6/27/2017
Abzan aidenpk 6/27/2017
BW Midrange aidenpk 6/19/2017
GWTokens aidenpk 6/7/2017
UW Vehicle aidenpk 6/4/2017
UW Midrange aidenpk 6/3/2017
UW Control aidenpk 5/30/2017
GW Cats aidenpk 5/30/2017
Standard Esper Control aidenpk 5/29/2017
Abzan Tokens aidenpk 5/27/2017
Bant Tokens aidenpk 5/27/2017
Jeskai aidenpk 5/26/2017
Esper Zombies (Kinda Budget) aidenpk 5/21/2017
Esper Midrange aidenpk 5/21/2017
Jund Aggro aidenpk 5/21/2017
Jund Aggro aidenpk 5/21/2017
Bant Control aidenpk 5/21/2017
Abzan Midrange Budget aidenpk 5/10/2017
Gruul Aggro aidenpk 5/10/2017
Rakdos Burn aidenpk 5/10/2017
Rakdos Burn aidenpk 5/10/2017
UW Control Alt Win Condition aidenpk 5/10/2017
Izzet Storm aidenpk 5/10/2017
UG Ramp aidenpk 5/10/2017
GW FOG aidenpk 5/10/2017
RW Speed Aggro (Easy Turn 3 Wins) aidenpk 5/10/2017
Mono Red Prowess aidenpk 5/10/2017
UW Control aidenpk 5/7/2017
GW Kitties aidenpk 5/7/2017
GW Tokens aidenpk 5/7/2017
Treasure Maniac aidenpk 5/7/2017
Zombie Hunt aidenpk 5/7/2017
Orzhov Life aidenpk 5/7/2017
Jeskai aidenpk 5/7/2017
Electrostatic Fling aidenpk 5/7/2017
Shadowborn apostle aidenpk 5/6/2017
RW Aggro aidenpk 5/2/2017
Mono White aidenpk 4/30/2017
BW Midrange Aggro aidenpk 4/30/2017
Mardu Aggro aidenpk 4/30/2017
Grixis Artifacts Budget aidenpk 4/30/2017
Death and taxes (AAA) aidenpk 4/30/2017
AER On Cube Draft aidenpk 4/30/2017
UW Tokens aidenpk 4/26/2017

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