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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
10 Points to Sliverin! artemis3120 10/9/2019
PDH Rainbow Bounce Combo ArtemisZero 2/9/2019
EDH Pauper Rats 2 ArtemisZero 2/3/2019
Urzatron v.2 Artemis 3/11/2014
Boros Artemis 1/14/2014
Urzatron Artemis 10/13/2013
G/W aggro Artemis 10/13/2013
Resurgence aggro Artemis 10/13/2013
Merfolks Artemis 10/13/2013
U/B Milling Artemis 10/13/2013
W/G Aggro Artemis 10/2/2013
Rubinia, the Home Wrecker Artemis 9/5/2013
Bant auras Artemis 3/4/2013
B/R/W Artemis 3/4/2013
RUG Midrange2 Artemis 1/14/2013
RUG Midrange Artemis 1/14/2013
Gisela EDH Artemis 12/18/2012
Affinity Artemis 10/22/2012
Delver Artemis 9/22/2012
U/W Flicker Milling Artemis 7/19/2012
Naya Ramp (re-done) Artemis 4/29/2012
Naya Artemis 4/28/2012
Bant Rampin' ArtemisArivon 4/25/2012
werewolves(plz cmnt) artemisfowl15 1/27/2012
legacy vampires plz cmnt artemisfowl15 11/24/2011
illusions (help plz) artemisfowl15 11/20/2011
BUGdom (cmnts plz) artemisfowl15 10/31/2011
ramp(help plz) artemisfowl15 10/4/2011
release deck artemisfowl15 10/3/2011
sword (cmnt plz) artemisfowl15 10/2/2011
planeswalker attack artemisfowl15 9/26/2011
modern vamps(plz cmnt) artemisfowl15 9/26/2011
modern graveyard(plz cmnt artemisfowl15 9/14/2011
zoo (plz comment) artemisfowl15 9/11/2011
modern zoo(plz comnt) artemisfowl15 8/23/2011
r/b aggro (comnt plz) artemisfowl15 7/20/2011
reliquary(comment plz) artemisfowl15 7/11/2011
extended knights(plz help artemisfowl15 7/11/2011
zombies(help plz) artemisfowl15 7/8/2011
comboramp(cmnt plz) artemisfowl15 7/1/2011
legacy splinter twin(cmnt artemisfowl15 5/31/2011
EDH-zur (plz help) artemisfowl15 5/26/2011
black attack(plz comment) artemisfowl15 5/22/2011
casual elves(cmnts plz) artemisfowl15 4/19/2011
freebies(cmnts plz) artemisfowl15 4/18/2011
combo(plz help) artemisfowl15 4/7/2011
RU the day artemisfowl15 3/13/2011
tezzeret contro(help plz) artemisfowl15 1/31/2011
white wiener(plz comment) artemisfowl15 1/28/2011
landfall (comments plz) artemisfowl15 12/31/2010

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