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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Gruul Midrange flankmecaptains 5/19/2018
GW taxes flankmecaptains 5/11/2018
W-Colorless Death and Taxes flankmecaptains 4/20/2018
Horror Midrange flankmecaptains 4/14/2018
Naya Eldrazi flankmecaptains 2/24/2018
BUG Midrange flankmecaptains 2/23/2018
Blue Moon Jace flankmecaptains 2/14/2018
Bloodbraid Ponza flankmecaptains 2/14/2018
W-Colorless Death and Taxes flankmecaptains 1/8/2018
5 Color Humans flankmecaptains 10/24/2017
Modern Pirates flankmecaptains 9/26/2017
Grixis breach control flankmecaptains 9/15/2017
UW eldrazi hatebears flankmecaptains 9/15/2017
Counter Ramunap company flankmecaptains 8/29/2017
Moon Walkers flankmecaptains 8/16/2017
Grounded Sun and Moon flankmecaptains 8/8/2017
Rock 2017 flankmecaptains 7/30/2017
GW Monument flankmecaptains 7/25/2017
As Foretold Living End flankmecaptains 7/16/2017
Solemnity Pox flankmecaptains 7/13/2017
Naya ramp breach flankmecaptains 6/19/2017
Eldrazi evolution flankmecaptains 6/17/2017
Esper Suicide flankmecaptains 6/9/2017
Devoted Company flankmecaptains 5/15/2017
As Foretold Combo flankmecaptains 5/11/2017
GW Eldrazi Hatebears flankmecaptains 4/7/2017
Improved Goryo flankmecaptains 3/25/2017
Eldrazi hatebears flankmecaptains 3/22/2017
Skred Ponza flankmecaptains 3/8/2017
Sultai Midrange flankmecaptains 2/12/2017
Temur prowess flankmecaptains 2/6/2017
Temur prowess flankmecaptains 2/6/2017
Temur prowess flankmecaptains 2/6/2017
Esper Spirits flankmecaptains 1/6/2017
Modern Colorless Eldrazi flankmecaptains 1/5/2017
Blue Moon Prison flankmecaptains 12/15/2016
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