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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
GB Undying Pod kayvee 2/10/2012
Casual Neckboob kayvee 1/11/2012
MirrorWizards kayvee 10/8/2011
Birthing Pod kayvee 9/23/2011
MWW kayvee 8/28/2011
Damia, Sage of Metagames kayvee 6/28/2011
Basandra, Battle Seraph kayvee 6/20/2011
Animar, Soul of Elements kayvee 6/20/2011
WUB Tezz Aggro kayvee 5/18/2011
Hyper-Pod Aggro kayvee 5/9/2011
GW Norn Tokens kayvee 5/5/2011
WBG Birthing Pod kayvee 5/1/2011
WR Lifegain kayvee 4/30/2011
Soul Skirges Redux kayvee 4/30/2011
Budget Soul Skirges kayvee 4/30/2011
Soul Skirges kayvee 4/30/2011
Golems for Mike kayvee 4/30/2011
WRb Sarkhan Hawk (v.2) kayvee 4/29/2011
WRb Squadron Sarkhan kayvee 4/28/2011
(WIP) kayvee 3/24/2011
Type 2 Bant Slime kayvee 3/19/2011
EsperWalkerBlade v2.0 kayvee 3/14/2011
Esper Walker Blade (WIP) kayvee 3/10/2011
Esper Walker Bounce kayvee 3/9/2011
Doran Infect kayvee 3/1/2011
Steel-Demacia v2 kayvee 2/20/2011
Jace-Free Juza kayvee 2/11/2011
Tezz Infect kayvee 2/10/2011
U/W Shape Anew kayvee 1/31/2011
Psycho Crusher kayvee 1/31/2011
[EDH] Rosheen Meanderer kayvee 1/17/2011
Extended Elementals kayvee 1/4/2011
List for Mike kayvee 12/12/2010
Mono-R Celebration redux kayvee 12/11/2010
[EDH] Selenia, Dark Angel kayvee 12/8/2010
UW Triskelion Control kayvee 10/14/2010
[EDH] Merieke Ri Berit kayvee 10/12/2010
WU Shape Anew kayvee 10/4/2010
[EDH] Hazezon Tamar kayvee 9/27/2010
Scars PreRe GB (3rd/48) kayvee 9/25/2010
Culling Tendrils kayvee 5/25/2010
Mono-W Control (v.2) kayvee 5/23/2010
Mono-W Control kayvee 5/22/2010
UG(w) Polymorph kayvee 5/16/2010
Ulamog Token Ramp (v.4) kayvee 5/10/2010
Ulamog Token Ramp (v.3) kayvee 5/5/2010
GW Tokens kayvee 5/4/2010
Ulamog Token Ramp (v.2) kayvee 5/4/2010
Ulamog Token Ramp kayvee 5/4/2010
[EDH] Lyzolda kayvee 3/10/2010

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