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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono black control magicben1210 10/9/2013
Mono Black magicben1210 10/9/2013
discard magicben1210 9/2/2013
tokens magicben1210 8/15/2013
Bant Manland Control magicben1210 6/25/2013
Dredge (no LED) magicben1210 5/20/2013
DEVOUR magicben1210 5/5/2013
Slivers! magicben1210 5/5/2013
gilded RUG magicben1210 5/3/2013
valakut 2 magicben1210 5/1/2013
flip magicben1210 4/24/2013
valakut magicben1210 4/19/2013
elf warriors magicben1210 4/17/2013
casual discard magicben1210 4/3/2013
Esper spirits magicben1210 3/24/2013
Defender Control magicben1210 3/10/2013
USA Control magicben1210 3/8/2013
Sam Black blue infect magicben1210 2/27/2013
UWR reckoner magicben1210 2/26/2013
R/G aggro magicben1210 2/24/2013
boros burn magicben1210 2/20/2013
unexpected results magicben1210 2/19/2013
Boros aggro magicben1210 2/17/2013
BUG control magicben1210 2/16/2013
kill stuff magicben1210 2/14/2013
BUG midrange magicben1210 2/13/2013
Bant Auras magicben1210 2/11/2013
esper control magicben1210 2/10/2013
Aurelia Blue magicben1210 2/5/2013
Tezzeret control magicben1210 1/29/2013
UB storm magicben1210 1/29/2013
USA magicben1210 1/26/2013
mono black reanimate magicben1210 1/21/2013
Naya aggro/midrange magicben1210 1/18/2013
junk tokens magicben1210 1/8/2013
RUG midrange magicben1210 12/8/2012
azorious aggro magicben1210 12/1/2012
jund midrange magicben1210 11/30/2012
my artifact deck magicben1210 11/18/2012
bant midrange magicben1210 11/12/2012
golgari hydra magicben1210 11/12/2012
reanimate magicben1210 11/7/2012
junk reanimator magicben1210 10/28/2012
junk pod magicben1210 10/27/2012
mono black infect magicben1210 10/27/2012
g/w humans magicben1210 10/25/2012
red deck magicben1210 10/25/2012
r/w humans magicben1210 10/25/2012
jonk tokens magicben1210 10/25/2012
rites magicben1210 10/25/2012
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