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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Gruul Aggro Martin Juza Arena Historic Open Day 2 (7 Wins) - 08/02/2020 8/4/2020
Temur Reclamation Martin Juza Players Tour Online 1 - June 13-14, 2020 9th-16th 6/15/2020
Bant Midrange Martin Juza Mythic Championship V 17th-32nd 10/21/2019
Mono-Red Aggro Martin Juza 8/20/2019
Esper Control Martin Juza Mythic Championship Las Vegas 2019 17th-32nd 6/24/2019
Sultai Martin Juza Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019 33rd-64th 2/25/2019
Sultai Midrange Martin Juza 2/13/2019
Hollow One Martin Juza Grand Prix Atlanta 2018 5th-8th 11/5/2018
U/B Control Martin Juza 2018 World Championships 17th-32nd 9/24/2018
Hollow One Martin Juza Grand Prix Prague 2018 9th-16th 8/27/2018
B/R Aggro Martin Juza Pro Tour 25th Anniversary - Standard 2nd 8/6/2018
Humans Martin Juza Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018 3rd-4th 6/18/2018
B/R Vehicles Martin Juza Grand Prix Birmingham 2018 - Standard 3rd-4th 5/14/2018
Traverse Shadow Martin Juza Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan 2/5/2018
Ramunap Red Martin Juza 2017 World Championship - Standard 9th-16th 10/8/2017
Mono Red Eldrazi Martin Juza Pro Tour Hour of Devastation 33rd-64th 7/30/2017
Bant Eldrazi Martin Juza Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 - Modern 17th-32nd 6/20/2017
Blue-Red Control Martin Juza Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017 17th-32nd 6/4/2017
Blue-Red Control Martin Juza 2017 Grand Prix Santiago 17th-32nd 5/22/2017
Mono-Black Zombies Martin Juza Pro Tour Amonkhet 5/15/2017
Jund Energy Aggro Martin Juza 2/6/2017
Jund Energy Aggro Martin Juza 2017 Pro Tour Aether Revolt 5th-8th 2/5/2017
B/G Delirium Martin Juza 2016 Grand Prix Warsaw 33rd-64th 10/31/2016
W/B Control Martin Juza Pro Tour Eldritch Moon 8/6/2016
Jund Loam Martin Juza 2016 Grand Prix Prague 6/14/2016
Abzan Aggro Martin Juza 2016 Grand Prix Paris 3rd-4th 3/23/2016
U/G Infect Martin Juza Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch: 21-23 points 2/10/2016
Esper Control Martin Juza 2015 Grand Prix Brussels - 11/14 9th-16th 11/16/2015
RG Midrange Martin Juza 2015 Grand Prix London - 8/15 5th-8th 8/17/2015
Sultai Infect Martin Juza 2015 Grand Prix Singapore - 6/27 9th-16th 6/30/2015
Jeskai Tempo Martin Juza 2015 Grand Prix Seville - 2/14 5th-8th 2/17/2015
Abzan Whip Martin Juza 2015 Grand Prix Manila - 1/3 5th-8th 1/6/2015
American Control Martin Juza 2013 Magic Championship - Modern 9th-16th 8/3/2013
American Midrange Martin Juza 2013 Magic World Championship - Standard 9th-16th 8/3/2013
Naya Aggro Martin Juza 2012 Grand Prix Manilla - 6/16 5th-8th 6/20/2012
Wolf Run Ramp Martin Juza 2012 Pro Tour Dark Ascension - Top Standard Decks 2/13/2012
Melira Pod Martin Juza 2011 Worlds - Modern Decks, 4-2 or Better 11/23/2011
GW Overrun Martin Juza 2011 GP Hiroshima - 10/29 1st 10/31/2011
UW Stoneforge Martin Juza 2011 GP Kobe 5th-8th 4/25/2011
Kuldotha Forgemaster Martin Juza 2/21/2011
Turboland Martin Juza 2010 GP Manila 6/14/2010
Junk Martin Juza 2009 Worlds - Standard Highlights 11/20/2009
Zoo Martin Juza 2009 PT Austin 5th-8th 10/19/2009
Dragon-Elves Martin Juza 2008 PT Berlin 5th-8th 11/3/2008
Psychatog Martin Juza 2003 PT New Orleans 11/5/2003
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