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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jumpstart order MF 3/21/2021
Najeela Tempo rimfire24 10/21/2020
Kaalia angels DemFate 7/30/2020
Warriors and Horsemanship DemFate 6/24/2020
G & W Aggro mfhfhfhh 5/29/2020
Red Prowess (Lurrus) GIOVANIMF MTGO Modern Super PTQ 05/09/2020 5th-8th 5/11/2020
Mono-Red Phoenix mfm0ller 3/23/2020
Mono-Red Phoenix mfm0ller 3/4/2020
Elves pioneer mfire713 2/11/2020
Elfdrazi MFK863 2/7/2020
Budget Urzatron MFK863 2/5/2020
Blue Black Mill / Control MFK863 1/28/2020
foils I would like to eventually have DSVMF 1/21/2020
Korvold Budget V2 adomfritz 12/26/2019
Grumgully V2 adomfritz 12/20/2019
Rakdos V2.1 adomfritz 12/20/2019
Korvold Budget adomfritz 12/18/2019
Rakdos V2 adomfritz 12/10/2019
Volrath V1 adomfritz 12/10/2019
Tee Hee, Zapped You comfuzzled 11/19/2019
reanimator surveil MFpaint 9/10/2019
Green (slightly blue) turn two comfuzzled 9/6/2019
Gargos Vicious Watcher EDH comfuzzled 9/3/2019
Thantis the Warweaver V1 adomfritz 7/10/2019
Nicol Bolas V10 adomfritz 7/2/2019
Quest TeamFlashwurm 6/21/2019
Quest TeamFlashwurm 6/6/2019
Nicol Bolas V9 adomfritz 5/9/2019
Zo-Zu Commander Destruction Tomfood 4/25/2019
Yidris V3 adomfritz 4/7/2019
Mind Melt Control MFK863 3/19/2019
Simic V2 adomfritz 2/10/2019
Simic V3 adomfritz 2/10/2019
Kiln Fiend V1 adomfritz 1/14/2019
Zacama V2 adomfritz 1/14/2019
Mono-Green Stompy Hrymfaxe MTGO Constructed Pauper League: 11/21/2018 11/23/2018
Nicol Bolas V6 adomfritz 10/26/2018
Jund Lands V6 adomfritz 10/3/2018
Animar V3 adomfritz 10/3/2018
Mono Red Midrange __GMF__ MTGO Competitive Standard League: 10/01/18 10/1/2018
Thromok the Insatiable V1 adomfritz 9/25/2018
Tromokratis V1 adomfritz 9/25/2018
Marrow-Gnawer V1 adomfritz 9/25/2018
Mono {B} 1st turn mill deck comfuzzled 9/21/2018
Turn 1 Mill comfuzzled 9/20/2018
W/U Auras __GMF__ MTGO Competitive Standard League: 09/17/18 9/18/2018
Animar V2 adomfritz 8/27/2018
Jund Lands V5 adomfritz 8/14/2018
Jund Lands V4 adomfritz 8/3/2018
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