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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Melira Combo Phoenix48832 8/5/2013
R/G WRR Phoenix48832 11/25/2011
Spirits Phoenix48832 9/25/2011
Karn Control Phoenix48832 8/17/2011
Mod Dredge Phoenix48832 8/16/2011
Explosive Slivers Phoenix48832 6/20/2011
R/W Firey Downfall Phoenix48832 5/15/2011
Blue Green Infect Phoenix48832 5/14/2011
Legacy Merfolk (comment) Phoenix48832 5/9/2011
Wellwishing Elves Phoenix48832 5/8/2011
U/B Vampires comment Phoenix48832 4/21/2011
Vampiric Overhtrow Phoenix48832 4/15/2011
Kuldotha Red Phoenix48832 3/22/2011
Just for Fun comment Phoenix48832 3/17/2011
Planeswalker Conflux Phoenix48832 3/15/2011
Bant Allies Phoenix48832 3/12/2011
Glissa's Army Revised Phoenix48832 3/8/2011
Glissa's Army Phoenix48832 3/8/2011
Planeswalker Lotus Phoenix48832 3/2/2011
Bloodchief Vamps Phoenix48832 3/1/2011
Red/Blue Mill/Burn Phoenix48832 2/28/2011
Infinite Burn Phoenix48832 11/15/2010
Black/Green Infect Phoenix48832 11/7/2010
Artifacts Ahoy!! Phoenix48832 9/29/2010
Green Mana Production Phoenix48832 9/4/2010
Red/White Burn Invincible Phoenix48832 8/26/2010
Ally Control (comment) Phoenix48832 8/24/2010
Blood Drink (comment) Phoenix48832 8/14/2010
Vampire's Bloody Elixir Phoenix48832 8/8/2010
Mono White Life Gain Phoenix48832 7/10/2010
Mill Deck II (comment) Phoenix48832 6/27/2010
Black/Blue Mill (comment) Phoenix48832 6/20/2010
Accidental Black Vs White Phoenix48832 5/30/2010
Merfolk Mill Phoenix48832 5/29/2010
Elixir Of Life Phoenix48832 5/12/2010
Vampire Swarm Phoenix48832 5/3/2010
Natural Disaster Phoenix48832 4/25/2010
Watery Mill Phoenix48832 3/10/2010
Vampire's Strike Vol 2 Phoenix48832 3/6/2010
Vampire Strike Phoenix48832 3/3/2010

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