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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Blue/red prowess Pig_r_life 1/11/2018
DiNoZ RoAr (budget dinos) Pig_r_life 11/16/2017
Merfolkeys Pig_r_life 11/5/2017
Krenko, Mob Boss Pig_r_life 9/17/2017
doomsday Combo Pig_r_life 9/16/2017
Infect turn 2 win Pig_r_life 9/16/2017
Artifact Tribal Pig_r_life 6/8/2017
ishai, ojutai dragonspeaker/reyhan, last of the azban edh Pig_r_life 6/6/2017
Rafiq the many Improved Pig_r_life 6/1/2017
Rafiq of the many Pig_r_life 6/1/2017
B/W Geists Pig_r_life 6/1/2017
White/Red Vehicles Pig_r_life 5/29/2017
Keranos, God of Storms EDH Pig_r_life 5/28/2017
Enchantment ramp Improved Pig_r_life 5/28/2017
Aura Ramp Pig_r_life 5/28/2017
UrzaTron Pig_r_life 5/28/2017
G/W Budget Tokens Pig_r_life 5/28/2017
G/R aggro amonkhet Pig_r_life 5/27/2017
Green/white budget tokens Pig_r_life 5/24/2017
U/R Burn Pig_r_life 5/23/2017
Vampire Tribal Pig_r_life 5/22/2017
Amonket Aggro Pig_r_life 5/22/2017
Mtg red green gruul Burn Pig_r_life 5/22/2017
Marchesa, the Black Rose EDH Pig_r_life 5/19/2017
R/B Devils and Demons Pig_r_life 5/16/2017
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Pig_r_life 5/16/2017
U/B Zombie (Budget) Pig_r_life 5/16/2017
Sunburst FTW Pig_r_life 5/15/2017
Solider Tribal Pig_r_life 5/14/2017
Izzet and ifinite combos Pig_r_life 5/14/2017
Myr & Friends Pig_r_life 5/11/2017
Catz and Equiptmentz Pig_r_life 5/11/2017
Duskmantle guildmage infinite combo Pig_r_life 5/9/2017
gree/red agrro improved Pig_r_life 5/9/2017
Red Green Aggro Pig_r_life 5/9/2017
Mono blue mill (improved) Pig_r_life 5/9/2017
Mono-Blue Mill Pig_r_life 5/9/2017
Hapatra EDH Pig_r_life 5/5/2017
Temur Pig_r_life 4/29/2017
Azban Pig_r_life 4/29/2017
Kaervek the Merciless Pig_r_life 4/26/2017
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons 2.0 Pig_r_life 4/25/2017
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Pig_r_life 4/25/2017
Red white giants Pig_r_life 4/25/2017
boros armies IMPROVED (less expensive) Pig_r_life 4/22/2017
Boros armies Pig_r_life 4/22/2017
WEREWOLVES IMPROVED Pig_r_life 4/21/2017
WEREWOLVES Pig_r_life 4/21/2017
green blue black snakes IMPROVED (less expensive) Pig_r_life 4/20/2017
Greens blue black snakes Pig_r_life 4/20/2017
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