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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Naya Solemnity 2 SBMTG_Dev 12/14/2017
Naya Solemnity SBMTG_Dev 12/14/2017
GW Aggro SBMTG_Dev 12/11/2017
Construct Tribal SBMTG_Dev 12/6/2017
Budget U/R Artificers SBMTG_Dev 12/4/2017
Grixis Midrange SBMTG_Dev 12/1/2017
MonoWhite Life SBMTG_Dev 11/30/2017
$10 Mono Blue Efficiency SBMTG_Dev 11/27/2017
4-Color Uncage the Menagerie SBMTG_Dev 11/21/2017
Budget Mono-Green Ramp SBMTG_Dev 11/20/2017
U/W Arcane Sphinx SBMTG_Dev 11/17/2017
Grixis Dagger Burn SBMTG_Dev 11/14/2017
4-Color Humans SBMTG_Dev 11/11/2017
$10 U/W Sram Enchantress SBMTG_Dev 11/9/2017
Budget Mono Red Dinosaurs SBMTG_Dev 11/5/2017
UB Control SBMTG_Dev 11/3/2017
$20 W/B Zombies SBMTG_Dev 10/31/2017
Mono Black Aggro SBMTG_Dev 10/26/2017
Budget Mono Red Munitions SBMTG_Dev 10/23/2017
Abzan Control SBMTG_Dev 10/21/2017
Jeskai Favorable Winds SBMTG_Dev 10/19/2017
Bant Growing Rites SBMTG_Dev 10/17/2017
U/G Tempo (Miracle Grow 4.0) SBMTG_Dev 10/14/2017
Primal Hailfire SBMTG_Dev 10/12/2017
Mono Black Marionette Monument SBMTG_Dev 10/10/2017
U/W Approach SBMTG_Dev 10/8/2017
Budget GB Explore SBMTG_Dev 10/6/2017
Budget W/B Vampires SBMTG_Dev 10/2/2017
Budget U/G Merfolk SBMTG_Dev 9/30/2017
U/B Pirate Winds SBMTG_Dev 9/26/2017
UB Pirates SBMTG_Dev 9/26/2017
RG Dinosaurs SBMTG_Dev 9/24/2017
UB Cycling SBMTG_Dev 8/25/2017
R/W Deserts (Rotation Proof) SBMTG_Dev 8/22/2017
Mono Blue Aggro (Rotation Proof, Budget) SBMTG_Dev 8/20/2017
GW Majestic Myriarch SBMTG_Dev 8/17/2017
Mono Black Discard (rotation proof) SBMTG_Dev 8/15/2017
UR Hour of Eternity SBMTG_Dev 8/13/2017
R/B Control SBMTG_Dev 8/11/2017
4 Color Ramp SBMTG_Dev 8/11/2017
Grixis Colossus SBMTG_Dev 8/11/2017
Naya Humans SBMTG_Dev 8/11/2017
Eldrazi Vampires SBMTG_Dev 8/11/2017
GW Cats (Budget, Rotation Proof) SBMTG_Dev 8/9/2017
Budget W/B Aggro (Rotation-Proof) SBMTG_Dev 8/6/2017
Mono-Green Stompy SBMTG_Dev 8/2/2017
GB Constrictor (PT Hour of Devastation Finalist) SBMTG_Dev 7/31/2017
Ramunap Red (PT Hour of Devastation Winner) SBMTG_Dev 7/31/2017
Jund Desert Frog SBMTG_Dev 7/29/2017
R/B Aggro SBMTG_Dev 7/27/2017
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