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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Werewolves {EDH} SithDragon33 2/23/2018
Vizier of Persist SithDragon33 2/22/2018
Bant Counters SithDragon33 2/21/2018
Sultai Collected SithDragon33 2/21/2018
Azoriustandard SithDragon33 2/20/2018
Unblockable Merfolk SithDragon33 2/20/2018
Thopter combo SithDragon33 2/20/2018
Abazn Counter Counter SithDragon33 2/20/2018
Elves Pauper SithDragon33 2/13/2018
Group Hug {EDH} SithDragon33 2/12/2018
Ramos {EDH} SithDragon33 2/10/2018
Breya MKII {EDH} SithDragon33 2/10/2018
Ur-Dragon {EDH} SithDragon33 2/10/2018
Jeskai Ascendancy Combo MKII SithDragon33 2/9/2018
Temur Ascendancy Combo SithDragon33 2/8/2018
Sultai Ascendancy Combo SithDragon33 2/8/2018
Mardu Ascendancy Combo SithDragon33 2/8/2018
Jeskai Ascendancy Combo SithDragon33 2/8/2018
Abzan Ascendancy Combo SithDragon33 2/8/2018
Eldrazi Tron {EDH} SithDragon33 2/7/2018
Abzan {EDH} SithDragon33 2/6/2018
Jeskai {EDH} SithDragon33 2/6/2018
Soldiers {EDH} SithDragon33 2/5/2018
Akiri Equipment {EDH} SithDragon33 2/4/2018
Jund Sacrifice {EDH} SithDragon33 2/2/2018
Scarab God {EDH} SithDragon33 2/1/2018
Mishra Possibility Storm SithDragon33 1/31/2018
Vraska, Scheming Gorgon SithDragon33 1/31/2018
Jund Standard SithDragon33 1/31/2018
Hadana Standard SithDragon33 1/30/2018
Dinosaurs {EDH} SithDragon33 1/30/2018
Yidris Wheel {EDH} SithDragon33 1/28/2018
Elder Tribal Deck SithDragon33 1/28/2018
Saskia Infect {EDH} SithDragon33 1/27/2018
Selesnya Dinosaurs SithDragon33 1/27/2018
Titania {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Oona {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Rhys the Reeemed {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Sidar Kondo Silas Renn {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Alesha MKII {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Yidris Infect {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Rishkar {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Yahenni {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Sram {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Anowon {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Olivia Voldaren MKII {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Olivia Voldaren {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Teysa, Orzhov Scion {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Trostani {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Sapling of Colfenor {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
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