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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
G/W Midrange Surfkatt MTGO Competitive Standard League: 07/14/18 7/17/2018
Abzan Tokens Surfkatt MTGO Competitive Standard League: 7/10-7/16 7/17/2017
Four-Color Copycat Surfkatt 2/2/2017
4 Color Saheeli Surfkatt3216 1/29/2017
Esper Fae Surfkatt3216 11/2/2016
Tinsel fins Surfkatt 12/24/2015
Scapewish Modern Surfkatt 11/16/2015
Lightshift Surfkatt 11/13/2015
Rally the Ally's Surfkatt 10/9/2015
BUG Delver Surfkatt 9/18/2015
Combo elves Surfkatt 9/13/2015
Elf Rally Surfkatt 7/25/2015
5 Color Rally Surfkatt 7/23/2015
GR Devotion Surfkatt (4-0) MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 5/4/15 5/21/2015
UB Control Surfkatt 4/17/2015
Bant Midrange Surfkatt 4/10/2015
Esper Good Cards Surfkatt 4/9/2015
Jund Surfkatt 2/25/2015
TEMUR Surfkatt 10/29/2014
MRD Surfkatt 10/3/2014
Sultai Deathdealer v2 Surfkatt 9/30/2014
A wealth of power Surfkatt 9/30/2014
Sultai Deathdealer Surfkatt 9/28/2014
Scapewish Surfkatt 9/13/2014
Jundshift v2 Surfkatt 9/9/2014
UWR Enchantments Surfkatt 8/29/2014
Bant Chord Surfkatt 8/9/2014
U/W Meddling Quest Surfkatt 7/30/2014
Jundshift Surfkatt 7/29/2014
Grixis Control STD Surfkatt 5/11/2014
Modern Dead Guy Ale Surfkatt 5/10/2014
U/W Enchantments Surfkatt 5/3/2014
U/W Delver Surfkatt 4/23/2014
Modern Aristocrats Surfkatt 3/31/2014
Tireless combo Surfkatt 3/23/2014
Chromanticore Devotion Surfkatt (4-0) MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 3/10/14 3/23/2014
Chromatic Monsters Surfkatt 3/14/2014
Standard Browntown Surfkatt 3/7/2014
UW Aura's Surfkatt 2/20/2014
UWR Gifts Surfkatt 2/20/2014
UWR Control-Gifts SB Surfkatt 2/16/2014
UWR Control Surfkatt 2/16/2014
Orzhov Aggro Surfkatt 1/11/2014
Shamans Surfkatt 11/28/2013
Winstigator Surfkatt 11/2/2013
Elspeths devoted Surfkatt 10/20/2013
B/U control Surfkatt 10/16/2013
Naya Control Surfkatt 10/15/2013
R/b Suicidal heroes Surfkatt 9/30/2013
Urils enchantress Surfkatt 9/2/2013
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