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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
U/B Revel in Booty TMS Wedge 9/28/2017
Blue-Black Pirates TMS Wedge 9/26/2017
Nayasaurs TMS Wedge 9/20/2017
White-Black Curses TMS Wedge 7/21/2017
Green-White Tribal Cats TMS Wedge 7/20/2017
Sphinx Tribal TMS Wedge 7/16/2017
Green-White Horse Tribal TMS Wedge 7/14/2017
Temur Energy TMS Wedge 5/15/2017
Budget U/R Counterburn TMS Wedge 4/27/2017
Budget U/R Counterburn TMS Wedge 4/27/2017
Mono-Blue Illusions TMS Wedge 3/29/2017
Mono-Red Vampires TMS Wedge 3/20/2017
White-Black Life Loss TMS Wedge 3/18/2017
Volrath the Fallen Commander Starter TMS Wedge 2/17/2017
Ascendant Evincar Commander Starter TMS Wedge 2/17/2017
Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero Commander Starter TMS Wedge 2/17/2017
Squee, Goblin Nabob Commander Starter TMS Wedge 2/17/2017
Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Commander Starter TMS Wedge 2/17/2017
Hedron Salvage TMS Wedge 2/14/2017
Nekusar, the Mind Sculptor TMS Wedge 2/13/2017
Mechanized Clues TMS Wedge 1/30/2017
Aetherborn Tribal TMS Wedge 1/28/2017
Red-Green Energy TMS Wedge 12/17/2016
U/R Colorless Bounce Combo TMS Wedge 12/14/2016
Abzan Nic Fit TMS Wedge 11/30/2016
Blue-Red Prowess TMS Wedge 11/29/2016
Ravos and Reyhan TMS Wedge 11/21/2016
Izzet Drake TMS Wedge 10/30/2016
Xathrid Xenograft TMS Wedge 10/30/2016
Dynavolt Turbo Fog TMS Wedge 10/15/2016
Red-Green Pummeler TMS Wedge 10/15/2016
Colorless Eldrazi Aggro TMS Wedge 9/30/2016
B/R Eldrazi TMS Wedge 8/31/2016
Budget Mono-Green Werewolves TMS Wedge 8/17/2016
Budget Mono-Red Aggro TMS Wedge 7/29/2016
B/G Delirium TMS Wedge 7/29/2016
1 Land Spy TMS Wedge 6/24/2016
Mono-White Goats TMS Wedge 6/24/2016
R/B Budget Madness Vampires TMS Wedge 5/17/2016
Blue-Black Zombies TMS Wedge 5/12/2016
Mono-Blue Illusions TMS Wedge 4/29/2016
Budget R/G Werewolves TMS Wedge 4/29/2016
Mono-Green Stompy TMS Wedge 3/30/2016
Mono-Red Goblins TMS Wedge 2/29/2016
Mono-Green Stompy TMS Wedge 2/8/2016
BW Allies TMS Wedge 12/7/2015
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