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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Four-Color Lands URAWIK3 MTGO Legacy Showcase - 03/01/2020 5th-8th 3/3/2020
life gain/ life loss wiki cbt 2/27/2020
The Locust God. Wikipeteia 2/27/2019
Ma-ma-ma My Emmara Wikipeteia 2/6/2019
Bony Izoni Wikipeteia 11/24/2018
Draw to a Kill: Niv-Mizzet, Parun Wikipeteia 11/24/2018
Mono-Blue Tempest Djinn Wiktorrr MTGO Competitive Standard League: 09/24/18 9/25/2018
Mono-Red Aggro Wiktorrr MTGO Standard PTQ - 04/28/18 17th-32nd 4/30/2018
Mono Green Something Wikipeteia 2/18/2018
Living End Owen Podwika SCG Open Modern - Louisville - 9/17/17 9th-16th 9/18/2017
bugdet artifact edh Wiked7778 2/1/2017
Red-Green Energy Aggro Caleb Wikene 2016 Grand Prix Madrid 33rd-64th 12/5/2016
Simic Flying Men Wikkid 9/21/2016
Sultai Flying Men Wikkid 9/21/2016
Abzan Company Wiktor Har lak 2016 Grand Prix Manchester (GPT) 5/29/2016
Grixis Inquiry Wikki 10/14/2014
Snake Attack wiktor20 9/28/2014
Standard R/B Minotaur Dec wiktor20 8/24/2014
BG Devotion Wiktorrr MTGO Standard Premier - 6567887 - 1/6/14 9th-16th 1/17/2014
Manaless Dredge Wik 6/6/2013
RAT ATTACK wiktor20 5/28/2013
ULTRA B/W DIMIR wiktor20 5/13/2013
Boros Test DEck wiktor20 4/21/2013
T-t-t-tokens wikiwikiman 3/7/2013
B/W Exalted wiktor20 1/8/2013
Draw, Draw and Draw R/B wikiwikiman 10/17/2012
Black zombie Wikd8ball 8/15/2012
Naya Humans Wike900 7/6/2012
Pauper EDH Dredge? Wik 6/27/2012
UB Zombies kwike (4-0) MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 6/11/12 6/26/2012
Curse Control v6 Wik 6/16/2012
Curse control v5 Wik 5/27/2012
Mono Blue Pauper EDH Wik 5/4/2012
Curse Control Wik 4/30/2012
B/G Zombies Wik 4/16/2012
Lulzy curses Wik 3/25/2012
B/U/W Speed Affinity wikiwikiman 2/16/2012
G/W/B Toolbox BirthingPod wikiwikiman 1/17/2012
This is not a deck wikiwikiman 12/16/2011
No Worries wikayelb 11/6/2011
Slanpod wikayelb 10/18/2011
Tok-Token wikayelb 10/18/2011
Bomboclat wikayelb 10/17/2011
Answers wikayelb 10/13/2011
Fish and chips wikayelb 10/12/2011
Token's (nuff said) wikiwikiman 10/9/2011
Youcannotpass wikayelb 9/29/2011
Brrrr wikayelb 9/27/2011
Less wikayelb 9/20/2011
Defend! wikayelb 9/1/2011
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