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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
what trent will buy ColbyJackM4 12/5/2021
Locust God - excluding owned cards ColbyJackM4 12/5/2021
what i already have ColbyJackM4 12/5/2021
ty wu75ejmtuyd yj 11/21/2021
eyrt ejy yj 11/21/2021
giuy hilu yj 11/21/2021
ucvjycjuvy h yj 11/21/2021
hjgvv yj 11/21/2021
hguyguy yj 11/21/2021
secreylaired yj 11/21/2021
sercretlaird yj 11/21/2021
hamza for grandmom GrayJedi44 11/15/2021
hamza for mama GrayJedi44 11/15/2021
asdadf SaintRileyJ 10/25/2021
hamza for daddy GrayJedi 10/5/2021
Is this allowed Johnnyjjustice 9/3/2021
Are Those Rocks in Your Pocket Johnnyjjustice 8/29/2021
xcfghndfhgjt rdtyjui 8/10/2021
Cube LeroyJenkins 1/2/2021
Vampiric Drain Sworleyj4 8/23/2020
Creature Swarm Sworleyj4 8/16/2020
Faerie/Goblin Rogue Sworleyj4 8/8/2020
Faerie/Goblin Rogue Sworleyj4 8/8/2020
Hapatra hungryjack 7/28/2020
gobbies hungryjack 6/15/2020
Temurza dejoyjoe 4/23/2020
Elder Tribal Deck Coreyjm2 1/9/2020
Gruul bow PonyboyJThibbs 6/12/2019
Jund bow PonyboyJThibbs 6/12/2019
Jund aggro PonyboyJThibbs 6/12/2019
Gruul sarkhan PonyboyJThibbs 6/7/2019
Grixis control PonyboyJThibbs 5/16/2019
Edgy chicks.dek PonyboyJThibbs 5/4/2019
Grixis amass control PonyboyJThibbs 4/28/2019
Beefy orzov aristocrats PonyboyJThibbs 4/25/2019
Actually simic simic PonyboyJThibbs 4/6/2019
Mardu glass human tribal PonyboyJThibbs 3/31/2019
Grull PonyboyJThibbs 3/26/2019
Grixis control PonyboyJThibbs 3/20/2019
Dimir Surveil Tempo PonyboyJThibbs 3/16/2019
Grixis spectacle phoenix PonyboyJThibbs 1/18/2019
Death's Shadow chengyjw MTGO Competitive Modern League: 12/11/2018 12/13/2018
Death's Shadow weezyj MTGO Modern Challenge: 12/2/2018 3rd-4th 12/4/2018
Death's Shadow chengyjw MTGO Competitive Modern League: 11/20/2018 11/21/2018
Five-Color Tron dejoyjoe MTGO Pauper Challenge - 11/18/2018 17th-32nd 11/21/2018
B/W Eldrazi wyjete MTGO Competitive Modern League: 11/13/2018 11/14/2018
U/B Shadow weezyj MTGO Competitive Legacy League: 10/27/2018 10/30/2018
Bant Spirits XSkyJace MTGO Modern Challenge 09/02/18 17th-32nd 9/5/2018
Grixis Shadow weezyj MTGO Legacy Challenge: 08/05/2018 9th-16th 8/8/2018
Mono-Red Control swayjisse MTGO Competitive Modern League: 05/25/18 5/26/2018

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