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This Mortal Coil

by ironchefk

Format: Freeform
Latest Set: Eternal
Last Modified On: 2/10/2004
Market Median Low
$109.16 $123.22 $58.04
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2


Basically, this deck tries to pop a Lightning Coils as quickly as possible to win. Here is a quick blow by blow of what the cards do: Lightning Coils: The basis card for this deck. Coretapper: Works a nice synergy with the Lightning Coils to accelerate it going off, can also be used in conjunction with the Sun Droplet when no Coils are in play. The Arcbound critters: Can be used to whittle down the opponent and his blockers, all the while keeping their counters in play. Plus the Ravager is a sacrifice source for putting guys in the graveyard. Myr Retriever: Allows for recursion of the Coretapper or a lost Coil. Many uses here. Welding Jar: Keep the Coils or a burly Stinger alive. Skullclamp: Since most of spells are cheap, keeping a steady influx of cards moving is very darn handy. Also another source for getting guys to the graveyard. Sun Droplet: A good delay technique and source of lots of movable counters. March of the Machines: Puts all of the artifact lands and Welding Jars into the graveyard as creatures, furthering the Coils progression. Plus it irritates Affinity decks. Dismantle: Play on the Sun Droplet, a large Arcbound critter, or an opponents counter-ridden artifact to further the Lightning Coils cause. Shrapnel Blast: Another sac source, good for taking out big critters or for that final blow against your opponent.

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