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by Monsterrain

Format: Freeform
Latest Set: Eternal
Last Modified On: 8/31/2006
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$474.38 $527.03 $319.61
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Average CMC: 2.95


i wanted to make a deck that was a control powerhouse in multiplayer, yet could survive in single player and have a variety of means to disasembal a strong defense and come up with an answer for most means to win. wanted to keep the rares to a minimum as well but due to it being a 60 card 5 color deck, it was hard to keep away from ravnica block multilands. play tested it is a very fun deck to play with a very high win rate so far, seems to get creamed by burn decks if your opening hand isn't strong. you'll quickly notice that this deck is built around 'as creature comes into play' mechanics and bouncing these effect creatures to chip away at the wall. you have your cheep artifact killer and cheep enchantment killer as well as a more versital but significantly more mana costly stomphowler that can take care of both. you have your plaxmanta which is great for saving your critters when people try to nuke them down and the oh so tricky 'plaxmanta peel from reality' trick which nobody sees coming. crystal shards are great for bouncing your own creatures or saving your teamates creatures. duplicant for removing the worst 3 3+ toughness creatures or critters that keep poking their heads out of the graveyard to haunt you (kokusho yosei angel of dispair). the tops court hussar coiling oracle combo can make sure you are getting the cards you want when you want them. mesmeric fiend is great for clearing counters out of a tapped out opponent, otherworldly journey's and ghostways are for your 2 for one effects. stalking yeti will take care of anything 2 2 or less. lastly eternal witness for grabbing your destroyed shards or your bounce instance if your in a pinch. you will have tons of fun playing this deck if you care to make it. the more i play it, the more i like it. a net deck worth your time. enjoy.
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