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Forgetful Fish (Variant)

by NickFloyd

Format: Freeform
Latest Set: Eternal
Last Modified On: 9/26/2016
Market Median Low
$61.32 $84.21 $46.76
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.37


This Magic: the Gathering variant is designed for two players who both play out of the same 80 card deck. The deck contains ten copies of the signature creature for which the deck is named, the Dandân (originally from Magic’s first expansion, Arabian Nights), and eight Memory Lapse which are also represented in the name. There are four copies of Accumulated Knowledge, and two copies of all the other cards in the deck (aside from basic Islands), many of which manipulate the top of the singular library in some way. RULE CHANGES — Forgetful Fish is played like a standard game of Magic with the following rule changes. The two players share a library and a graveyard placed between them so that both players can reach them with ease. A card that refers to the “owner” of a library or graveyard or refers to “your library” or “your graveyard” refers to the singular library or graveyard. The “owner” of a card, is the person who played that card from his or her hand. For starting hands and anytime both players must draw cards from the same effect, the cards should be dealt from the top of the deck, one player than the other, as though dealing a standard card game. The player to play first, or the active player deals. Once the starting player is determined and the players have their initial hands, a player without two or more lands in his or her hand may reveal that hand to take a mulligan without taking one fewer card. The player may take free mulligans until he or she has a hand that contains at least two lands. If only one player takes a mulligan, after reshuffling that player takes the top seven cards of the deck as his starting hand. Players may also take standard mulligans by taking one less card each time, but never scry the top card of the library after taking a mulligan. Players will only lose life in increments of four, and therefore a starting life total may be represented by five counters (5x4=20) or tracked on a single six-sided die. Each time a Dandân deals its 4 damage to a player, he or she loses one counter, or one number off the die. The stack works as normal, but can get quite complex. Players should allow time for their opponent to respond and make sure his opponent passes priority before beginning resolution of the stack, each time a spell resolves, and before drawing a card from the top of the library. For optional rules, strategy, customization options, designer notes, and Dandan tokens, see this Google Docs link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nLLsrRfv6qRvri8zIHnxqUjOeUGS-o_izVicthyRzYM/edit?usp=sharing

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