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Soltari Chaos

by The1AndOnlyDJCT

Format: Freeform
Latest Set: Eternal
Last Modified On: 1/1/2004
Market Median Low
$256.26 $186.89
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.3


The main idea of this deck is to gain a lot of life. That's what the soul wardens and the congregates are for, they can get pretty crazy. Also, another way to gain life is by putting loxodon warhammer on a shadow creature and attacking. I'm thinking of getting some serra angels and replacing the wall of essences with them. A wall of essence with a warhammer can be a pretty nasty blocker, but a serra angel with a warhammer can be a nasty attacker and blocker. Enlightened tutor can tutor out leonin sun standard and mind's eye which can both be very good, but not helpful in multiples. It can also find additional loxodon warhammers. The exiles are great against my friends deck which is a shade deck. He uses Cabal Coffers to make cards like Nantuko Shade really big. Anyway, in response to the post, yes it's not tournament legal. I didn't know Enlightened Tutors were restricted, but it's casual anyway. I mean my friends are more upset at the Congregates than the Enlightened Tutors by far.

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