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Primordial Ramp

by BoostinTSi

Format: Legacy
Latest Set: Magic 2013 (M13)
Last Modified On: 1/12/2013
Market Median Low
$261.44 $304.95 $188.39
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.72


ive been in and out of the game since the mid 90s. taking a 7 year long absence. im back and ive pulled out whats left of my cards to have at it again. this deck i designed to ramp to wurms hydras. say i have 4 mana out. 2 llanowar elves, an arbor elf, a somberwald sage and an elvish archdruid. tapping all for mana and cycling a forest with the arbor, i have 14 mana. i use one to cast wirewood symbiote, returning a llanorwar elves to my hand and un-tapping the archdruid. which leaves my with 13. i play the llanowar elves, (12) and tap the elvish archdruid to add 4 more (16) and play a 14 14 primordial hydra. any issues? this usually hits by turn 5. i have other things there to add mana such as the defenders. its been nice to me except against burn decks and eldrazi... (i hate those.)

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