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Elvish Beekeeper

by lpeters82

budget casual elves theme
Format: Legacy
Latest Set: Ravnica Allegiance
Last Modified On: 3/1/2019
Market Median Low
$394.69 $717.38 $294.20
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 1.98


INTRODUCTION My favorite deck when I played in the mid-90s was called Elvish Beekeepers. It was all about pumping up Killer Bees with a number of mana dorks. Was it good? Nope, at least not against other good decks. This is essentially my adult tribute to that deck. I tried to make it a little bit better this time around, but wanted to still keep it both cheap and thematic. EXAMPLE PLAY Turn 1: Llanowar Elves Turn 2: Elvish Mystic Priest of Titania Turn 3: Timberwatch Elf Elvish Archdruid Killer Bees Turn 4: Without playing anything or tapping a Forest you can already pump up your Killer Bees to 22/23. Drop a Rancor and it's a 24/25 with flying and trample. Tap a Wirewood Lodge and it's a 27/28. Alternatively, you can keep the bees at a measly 24/25 and play your Hunter's Insight . That way even if your opponent somehow survives you're pretty much guaranteed to have the exact seven cards you want in your hand for next turn.

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