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by Zaechs

Format: Legacy
Latest Set: Innistrad
Last Modified On: 1/2/2012
Market Median Low
$83.44 $93.09 $43.71
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.28


This is the full working version of my deck Gobby-Gun. The idea of the deck is the unrelenting horde of goblins is trying any and every last tactic it has to eliminate the competition. Basic premise revolves around getting out tokens (no matter how many), and laying into the enemy with things like Goblin War Strike, and Mob Justice. This is where a great amount of the damage will come from, and allow for you to build on the greater concept of playing either conspired spells with Wort, or running a straight storm into empty the warrens... And if you are lucky, you get both! And that is when the real end of the game begins. Do not be afraid of life loss, as long as you can continue to throw out damage, board wipes and massive damage can still be undermined by just the shear number of goblins, and then their spells! Brilliant if played well, annoying and sputtering at its worst. I have lost only two games with this deck thus far, and they were the first two games, and I had mana issues back then.. !WARNING: Casual Play Deck, Not a Tourney Deck!

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