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Jeskai Blink

by Anthony9903X

Format: Modern
Latest Set: Rivals of Ixalan
Last Modified On: 5/11/2018
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$422.48 $295.17
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Average CMC: 2.53


This deck is made up of my heart and soul. I have worked on it for over 3 years, ever since I was inspired by Melissa DeTora's "Wolf Run Bant" deck many years ago. I really enjoyed blinking creatures and felt that it was a neat combat trick and provided endless utility. So, the main strategy here is to blink creatures as a way to dodge removal spells and/or reuse their "enters the battlefield" triggers. I have included certain specific creatures in the main deck due to their general usefulness. You can find answers to pretty much everything either in the main deck or sideboard. Game plan changes according to what you're up against: - Aggro - Stall for time and gain as much life as you can. Board sweepers are a must. - Midrange - Reset the field with a sweeper, then summon a 5-drop to stabilize. Take advantage of persist, eternalize, planeswalker, and manlands. - Combo - Discard or counter their combo pieces and flashback to repeat. Pressure them mercilessly. - Control - Blink your creatures in response to removal spells. Play aggressively and search for threats. Beware of graveyard hate against your creatures. Sideboard: - [[Cloudshift]] - Doubles as ETB trigger and removal protection. It's more effective in later games because you have side-boarded in the ideal creatures. - [[Surgical Extraction]] - Disrupt combo and graveyard synergy. - [[Disenchant]] - Remove [[Blood Moon]] and [[Ensnaring Bridge]]. Cheap and good for flashback. Works against [[Torpor Orb]], which unfortunately, [[Reclamation Sage]] does not. - [[Gideon of the Trials]] - Great duo with [[Leyline of Sanctity]] to put Titanshift under lockdown. - [[Vendilion Clique]] - Ensures that you will be able to strip apart the combo player's hand. - [[Leyline of Sanctity]] - Hexproof protection against combo, discard, and sacrifice effects. Run 3 for Jund, Abzan, Titanshift, Burn, etc. - [[Cataclysmic Gearhulk]] - Useful not only for creatures, but also for decks that play many artifacts (Affinity, Lantern Control), enchantments (Bogles), or planeswalkers (Superfriends). - [[Sigarda, Host of Herons]] - The ultimate threat to end standoffs with Jund, Abzan, and Control. Also a good insurance for [[Emrakul, the Aeons Torn]]. Generally speaking, what you want to do during each game is survive until you gain the upper hand. Search for answers/threats depending on the situation and discard what you don't need. Later on you should have a couple creatures on the field pressuring them with a few cards in hand ready to respond. If you know what they're trying to do, you will eventually overwhelm them because of the inherent card advantage/flexibility of this deck. Good luck and have fun! =P
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