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by Dillwax

Format: Modern
Latest Set: Hour of Devastation
Last Modified On: 7/17/2017
Market Median Low
$362.15 $416.15 $280.48
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Average CMC: 2.29


The decks all star and literal 'win condition' is Biovisionary. The way he works is if you control 4 of them on you *end-step* you win the game. The key word is end-step so you can run beginning of your end-step effects. Clones help you win by having Biovisionary on the battlefield and entering as a copy of him. The most useful clone is Evil Twin & Renegade Doppelganger. Renegade Doppelganger can ramp you for the turn when you play Birds of Paradise or become our Biovisionary. Best part about him is it says *end-step* so if you have 3 Renegade Doppelganger and you play our Biovisionary they all become him and you win the game at your end step. Some things I've found is that the deck protects itself without having to play protection spells. Talking about protections spells we run 6 mainboard because I've found that surgical extracion-like effects disable the win condtion and slow you down a lot. But the cool things about this clone deck is the deck can copy the whole oppositions board. Having Evil Twin helps out a lot and so does Epic Confrontation, if you copy a Platinum angel you can Epic Confrontation it having yours living and theirs dead and same story with Evil Twin, except it needs to tap and pay Dimir. With that said ENJOY!
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