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Black Madness

by Martinksk88

Format: Modern
Latest Set: War of the Spark
Last Modified On: 5/3/2019
Market Median Low
$11.37 $15.51 $3.93
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.92


This budget madness deck is based around vampires, removal, and direct damage. Your discard outlets are Heir of Falkenrath (which transforms), Call the Bloodline (which produces tokens), and Stromkirk Condemned (which buffs all your vampires). The main cards to get rid of are Dark Withering (which is like a cheaper version of Doom Blade ), Alms of the Vein (which is like a Lightning Bolt with lifelink), and Gorgon Recluse (which is like a 2/4 creature with deathtouch). The other two keys to the deck are Ruthless Sniper and Faith of the Devoted , which give you extra bonuses every time you discard. This opens up ridiculous plays like the following: Turn 1: Ruthless Sniper Turn 2: Call the Bloodline Turn 3: Faith of the Devoted Turn 4: Discard Alms of the Vein to Call of the Bloodline and pay its madness cost, along with the activated ability costs on both your other cards. This will create a 1/1 token, a -1/-1 counter, do 5 points of direct damage, and gain you 5 life. And you can keep doing the same thing every turn. (Even if you just discard a land, you're creating a token and a counter, while dealing out 2 points of damage and getting 2 life.) If you have an extra dollar or two, swap out Sign in Blood for a full playset of Asylum Visitor . You can get into topdeck mode pretty quick with this deck, and Visitor is a great solution.

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