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I Don't Want to Play

by Secretly a Chicken Tender

Format: Modern
Latest Set: Core Set 2021
Last Modified On: 7/21/2020
Market Median Low
$52.26 $76.71 $28.50
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 1.7


This is the deck you pull out when your friends are bugging you to play and you don't want to. The point of this deck is to lose as fast as possible in order to get them off your back. The KEY CARDS that will make you lose almost instantly: The Hungering Dog (Immolating Souleater): By using his ability to pay life, you can get yourself down to 2 or 1 life, then finish yourself off with almost any other card in the deck. The Backstabbing Angel (Intervention Pact): You have no white mana in the deck, which of course means you can't pay the cost which would prevent you from losing. If your opponent has untargetability on their cards, you can always target one of your lands with the Pact. The Harrowing Search (Spoils of the Vault): All you need to do is name itself when picking what card to chose. By searching for the 2nd Spoils, you will probably lose at least 10 life along the way. Then all that's left is to repeat it. Another way to play is to troll with the killspells and drawspells. Mess around with this deck, have fun with it. It is in no way meant to win (of course not, it's meant to do the opposite), but it can be played to stall the game a bit. Hopefully you enjoy the deck. Definitely not a serious deck, but will hopefully provide at some entertainment.

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